Little Sank Neon Green (Glow) Timed Edition by Sank Toys

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Next up from Sank Toys is the Little Sank Neon Green (Glow) resin art toy. The newest Little Sank (4″) looks stunning in both ambient light with its vibrant neon green dive suit and in the dark when the GID shines. As a nice touch, the figure features a contrasting amber hue in the arms and legs. The result is an ethereal vibe.

Unlike previous Little Sank releases which were limited to specific edition sizes, this Neon Green edition is being offered for $65 as a timed edition starting on Friday (1.17) at 4 AM PST through the following Friday (1.24) at the same time. The preorder will be offered through Sank Toys’ retail network which includes myplasticheart and Strangecat Toys in the United States.