Jug Head & Pill Head by Bob Dob x 3DRetro

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Surprise!  In addition to the Pill Head art toy he revealed yesterday, Bob has just announced and released his new Jug Head art toy as well. Jug Head features Bob Dob’s character with a Moonshine jug for a head enjoying a stogie.  As with all the other Heads, Jug Head is rocking old-school, Converse-style sneakers along with his unique blend of plaid sport coat, tie and brown pants for a look that compliments his unusual view of things.

Limited quantities of signed figures of each edition are available now direct from the artist  for $65 each from his online store: Pill HeadJug Head.  Jug Head is the fourth and final viyl art toy. Jug Head is the fourth and final figure in the Heads vinyl art toy series from 3DRetro and follows Coke Head, Pot Head and Pill Head. These recent, small quantity drops from the artist presumably come ahead of the anticipated wider release from 3DRetro and retailers.