Guggimon ‘Work and Slay’ Glow Edition Art Toy by Superplastic

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The newest Guggimon art toy has emerged from the darkness, bloodied and out for blod.  The Guggimon ‘Work and Slay’ Glow Edition vinyl art toy (12″) from Superplastic recasts the badboy playboy as a zombie ready to lay waste to unsuspecting humans. And yes, his zombie flesh is radioactive for night hunting and plenty of glow fun. Who says zombies don’t do raves? He is after all, a walking glow stick.

Limited to 333 pieces, the new Guggimon ‘Work and Slay’ Glow Edition vinyl toy should be officially released on Thursday (1.16) at 11 AM PDT from Superplastic for $90. He comes kitted for action with axe, skull mask and ‘LV’ brains bag.

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