Exquisite Corpse Dunny Preview: ‘No Fear’ by RunDMB x Kidrobot

Kidrobot continues its preview of the upcoming Exquisite Corpse Dunny series  with RunDMB’s ‘No Fear’ design inspired by the Blue Oyster Cult and their hit, The Reaper.  The chill design features the artist’s signature overlapping shapes and swatches to let the colors drive the story. Curated by Red Mutucua Studios and CoART Magazine, the upcoming series features the studios’ twelve artists working with the new modular Dunny which allows parts to be swapped in and out.

The Exquisite Corpse Dunny series will be released on Friday, February 7th 2020 at 8 AM PST from Kidrobot’s online store and select retailers. The series is named after the creative challenge enjoyed Frida Kahlo and other Surrealist painters enjoyed, which involved  taking turns creating a portrait on a folded sheet of paper so that each artist had to create a section (head, torso, etc) without the benefit of seeing the others’ work.