Brick Bloom Coming From Kyle Kirwan x Clutter

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First seen as a custom, Kyle Kirwan’s Brick Bloom has made the jump—in size and availability—to a production vinyl in the works from Clutter.  Announced and shown during Clutter Talks EP 3 which aired today, the figure features a brick wall texture throughout and is much larger than the original custom, say 5 – 6″.  While he’s created and released quite a few resin toys, including legions of Blooms, Brick Bloom is Kyle Kirwan’s first vinyl art toy. As with many toy prototypes, the color seen in the photos was chosen by the factory based on availability and doesn’t represent a planned production edition.

Brick Bloom is slated to appear first as the featured canvas in its very own custom show and will also be offered in both a GID and brick color edition. Clutter envisions the walking brick as an ideal toy canvas to have signed at conventions.