A Look at the GID Variants in Kaiju Hunting 2 by Paradise

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Yesterday, we wrote about the upcoming Kaiju Hunting 2 blind-boxed series featuring designs from a star-studded lineup :  Shoko Nakazawa, CoarseFeebe, Hiroto Ohkubo of InstinctoyKenny WongKasing Lung and Shon. Now, thanks to reporting from WeLoveKennysWork, here’s a look at the GID versions of each character.  While some glow green (including Kenny Wong’s The Tenth Son), there’s at least one blue glow: Instinctoy’s Monster Fluffy. The GID fluffy has a milky glow appearance in regular light, but glows a pleasing blue in the dark.

Kaiju Hunting 2 by Paradise will be released worldwide on February 1st from its retail network which includes Rotofugimyplasticheart3DRetro and QPop. Just a short wait until we can all hunt Kilala, Klik, Apuwa, Monster Fluffy, The Tenth Son and Labubu ‘Gojimomo’ in both regular and GID variants.

[GID Lineup via WeLoveKennysWork]