Sketchup Blaster by Sket One x Tomenosuke

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As an invited guest to Tokyo Comic-Con, Sket One created a custom of host Tomenosuke’s Blaster 2019 resin kit, a highly accurate recreation of Deckard’s blaster from the Blade Runner films. The Sketchup Blaster blends Sket’s condiment custom projects with this rather unusual packaging.  A riff off his Sketchup Dunny (2010), the blaster features a ‘used’ design with a half-empty blaster and ketchup left at the end of the pop top barrel. As a nice touch, a small amount of leaked ketchup lies in a pool just below the barrel.

To the good fortune of collectors, the custom has become a limited-edition production release.  The Sketchup Blaster resin art toy is now available for pre-order (through 12.31) via Tomenosuke for $550 for international customers and ¥66,000 for customers in Japan. The Sketchup Blaster includes clear acrylic stand for easy display.