Dumpster Fire Vinyl Art Toy by 100% Soft

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It’s happened.  After three quickly sold-out editions of the irresistible Dumpster Fire resin art toy, 100% Soft has just launched a pre-order for the upcoming  vinyl toy version. If you needed proof of pent-up demand, look no farther than the temporarily ‘sold out’ status for the pre-order.  Apparently, collectors quickly snapped up the first allocation of 700 pieces.  Keep checking as the pre-order is expected to resume shortly.

Based on the photos and the specs (3.5″ tall), the upcoming vinyl edition appears to closely match the previous resin editions. At $22 versus $80 for the hand-made, hand-painted resins, the vinyl is a strong value.  Expect to see these in a cubicle near you next February when they are scheduled to ship out.