myplasticheart at DesignerCon – OKluna ‘Jobi the Moon Fox’ Releases and Signings

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myplasticheart is returning to DesignerCon (11.22 – 11.24) and will once again host HK artist OKluna for several new charming, colorful toy releases and signing sessions.  myplasticheart will offer several of OKluna’s soft vinyl art toys which debuted at the recent Taipei Toy Festival, including the new Jobi the Moon Fox: Stargazers chapter featuring the new blue/pink Guardian Spirit and the Aquarius and Virgo Zodiac Little Foxes. Okluna will also release four new additions to the Cuppy Foxes series including Jobi the Lil’ King, Lil’ Jobi the 2nd and the Red Flame and Blue Flame  Halloween Dotdot editions.  All of these will be available at the myplasticheart DesignerCon booth [#107].

For those not able to attend TTF, this is an excellent opportunity to pick up these recent OKluna releases.  We expect myplasticheart to announce additional OKluna news shortly.