New Itokin Park Sofubi at DesignerCon from The Sour Lemon

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The Sour Lemon is your source for everything Itokin Park at DesignerCon.  Based on the  preview images, we are expecting five separate sofubi editions. The previously teased pig and rocker minis are also ready for space with their very own saucer style vehicles. Whether these are separate releases or companion accessories is unclear at the moment.

Fans of the Astronaut figure will be able to choose from a determined blue edition  or a red edition with regular expression.  Space Mode Man will also be available in a sleepy red edition and a gray glasses edition.  Finally, there’s a purple + black Power Suit.  Each of these should feature the newer 2.0 sculpts with articulated arms.

All of these Itokin Park releases will be available from The Sour Lemon [#1449]  on Saturday (11.23) at a time to-be-announced.  The Itokin Park x Michelle Valigura x Amanda Visell Locomotion Set resin art toy will also be available from The Sour Lemon.