Kidrobot x Sanrio — 20″ Hello Kitty x Candie Bolton (11.5)

Following the initial reveal of the 9″ Hello Kitty figure by Candie Bolton in the DCon Exclusive Bliss edition, Kidrobot has just announced and revealed a 20″ version.  At over double the size of the original figure, the new large-format release should increase the emotional impact of Bolton’s design which explores the awkward transition between child and adult.

The 20″ Hello Kitty features a blue, yellow and red design that is very similar to the upcoming standard edition 9″ version with one notable difference so far: the larger figure features a milk logo on the hoodie while the 9″ has an apple.  The 20″ Kidrobot x Candie Bolton figure will be available on Tuesday (11.5) at 9 AM PDT from — apparently as an exclusive. Pricing has not yet been announced.  The 9″ version will be available this Friday (11.8) from select retailers and Kidrobot.