Coarse – Meltdown Ignited Online Release

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Coarse has just announced the upcoming online release of their Meltdown -Ignited vinyl art toy.  First available for pre-order at their recent Possession exhibition at Rotofugi, the new Ignited edition features a vibrant, neon green motherlode of ice cream on the left side and the staid, chill Noop on the other.  Beyond the ridiculously cool concept and visuals, one of the true pleasures of owning this or the previous two Meltdown releases is unboxing the toy and then plunging the magnetic ‘COARSE’ spoon into the piece. Best ‘assembly’. Ever.

Limited to 150 pieces, the Meltdown – Ignited (16″) art toy will be available directly from the Coarse Shop and Rotofugi on Thursday (11.21) at 7:59 AM PST for $380 each (worldwide shipping include).