Candy Cornelius at Designercon – Alex Pardee and FYE Exclusive Editions

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While Halloween may have technically come and gone, the love or hatred for the iconic halloween candy remains.  Alex Pardee’s Candy Cornelius—produced by 3DRetro—has come to haunt Anaheim with two new exclusive editions available at DesignerCon. First up is Alex Pardee’s own exclusive  red, white and blue edition recalling Rocket Popsicles, the 4th of July, and more.  And yes, this is a real Candy Corn (google says so, must be true…).

Mr. Cornelius is also back with a new exclusive from FYE. This new haunting edition features a classic black on black design blending a glossy pointy head and limbs with a matte black body.  Find this nightmare sweet at  the FYE DesignerCon booth [#2400] and online.