A Wood Awakening Classic Edition Online Release by Juce Gace x Mighty Jaxx

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For those that missed it at Beijing Toy Show back in August, Mighty Jaxx has just launched an online release of their A Wood Awakening Classic Edition vinyl art toy by French artist Juce Gace. The Classic Edition of Gace’s naughty yet nice riff on Pinocchio more or less follows the iconic character’s classic colors, most notably the yellow and red combination. Instead of the classic black vest, the Classic Edition features a royal blue vest. Going back to 2017, the OG version of the toy featured a bright blue vest and shirt, lighter red shorts and white shoes.

Mighty Jaxx is offering the A Wood Awakening Classic Edition art toy (10″) for $149 direct from their web shop. These are in-stock and will ship for free. As an added bit of enticing fun, Mighty Jaxx is offering two Black Friday editions of the figure.

Embracing the shopping holiday for color inspiration, Mighty Jaxx has created two all-black editions of a Wood Awakening. Orders of $250+ placed during Black Friday Weekend (through 8:59 PM PST on 12.1) will receive a free 3″ A Wood Awakening Black Friday Edition keychain and will also qualify for a drawing to win the unique (1/1) 10″ A Wood Awakening Black Friday Edition—quite a prize.