Tristan Eaton — ‘Let’s Bang’ Sculpture

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As part of his recent Strange Future exhibition in New York City, Tristan Eaton unveiled his new Let’s Bang sculpture as a prototype.  Based on his recently released black light print of the same name, the large-format piece (36”) blends sex and steel, long legs and an old-school revolver.  Beyond the obvious word okay, the piece has a seductive retro vibe, perhaps an eye towards seemingly simpler times.

While he’s primarily focused on his original paintings and epic murals, it’s good to see Eaton revising the three-dimensional forms that earned him a large following back when designer toys were this weird, wonderful medium.  Based on his response to IG comments, it sounds like smaller-sized versions of Let’s Bang might be in our future as well. From the New Money Dunny in metal, to this high-end statue, the end of 2019 has been good for collectors looking for to collect new 3D work from Tristan Eaton.

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  1. The piece looks awesome and so good that Tristan is doing sculpture again . Is this a limited or open edition? Would you know what’s the estimate price?

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