Sorayama x Arsham — 2G Be@rbricks (11.22)

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As part of the grand re-opening of Shibuya Parco which includes the new 2G gallery space presented by Nanzuka on the second floor, Medicom will bring together two celebrated artists with the  Sorayama x Arsham 2G Be@rbricks. Available in both a 100% + 400% set  (¥20,000/$184) and a  large-format, standalone 1000% edition (¥88,000/$807), the collaborative Be@rbrick highlights the signature work of  Hajime Sorayama and Daniel Arsham while also showcasing the contrast and connection in their aesthetics, placing them side by side — Sorayama’s gleaming, robotic future on the right side of the toy and Arasham’s gritty, weathered, and decayed ‘Future Archaeology’ on the left.

The artists’ collaborations for the 2G opening will also include a sculpture based on Sorayama’s painting, gifted to Arsham, featuring two disembodied arms holding hands, one in each artist’s signature style.