Daniel Arsham — Bronze Basketball (10.18)

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Bronze Basketball, Daniel Arsham’s latest release from his Fictional Archaeology series, delivers an eroded, rainbow-hued vision of a future discovery. The colorful patina is achieved by way of the intense heat of a blow torch delivered to the bronze surface.  The mesmerizing fine art multiple (Edition of 99, $9500) comes in an eye-catching clear resin Arsham Studios crate that has a frosted effect due to the heavy texture.

Just as unearthed tools, trinkets and technology of ancient civilizations offer clues on how their inhabitants  lived and what they valued, so do the objects that are instrumental in our work, play, and obsessions.

Bronze Basketball will be released via email ordering on Friday (10.18) at 9 AM PDT for a one-hour period or until the edition has sold out.  The email address for the release will be revealed on the artist’s site at the time of release.  To purchase, send an email with your Paypal Address and shipping address. Buyers will receive Paypal invoices that are valid for just 15 minutes. Act quickly, as the edition will be sold to the first 99 people who complete payment.