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Sep 14, 2019

Art Junkie Tokyo Solo at QPop (9.14)


QPop is hosting Shinichiro "AJ" Kato (aka Art Junkie Tokyo) for a solo exhibition opening on Saturday (9.14) from 7 to 10 PM.  The show will feature original paintings, several QPop exclusives of his popular sofubi designs and King Pacara artist customs.  If you're on the hunt of the hot newness, the show will see the debut of his Flying Butiger and Sushi Wrestler figures.  AJ will be in the house for the reception, so come out and meet the man behind the mysterious 3-eyed toys.

Art Junkie Tokyo Solo Exhibition
Opening: Saturday (9.14, 7 to 10 PM)

QPOP Gallery
319 E 2nd St. Suite 121
LA, CA 90012


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Kidrobot Unveils First 'Spiritus Dea' Dunny: Nyx by Lisa Toms


Saturday surprise! Kidrobot has announced its upcoming Spiritus Dea Dunny series and revealed the first glimmering design. Latin for the 'Spirit of the Goddess', the new series features goddess designs from twelve artists centered around the cycle of life.

The first reveal is Nyx—Goddess of the Night—by Lisa Toms. Known for her fantastical soft sculpture figures, Toms' design captures the spirit of the night with a rainbow glitter-filled translucent treatment and cloud-shaped Dunny ears. With its sofubi-like style, the peaceful Nyx fits nicely into the current trend towards super cute, rainbow-hued, translucent minis. We're very curious to see more of Spiritus Dea. 

The Spiritus Dea Dunny series will be released on Friday September 27th from Kidrobot.com (9 AM PDT) and select retailers.

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Sep 12, 2019

JC Rivera x Pobber — Lucky Punch (9.17)


JC Rivera and Pobber have collaborated on a fun new figure.  Lucky Punch riffs off the artist's signature Bear Champ figure and the traditional Lucky Cat (maneki-neko) statues. While Lucky Cat figures are quite common, this one's got the chops to go the distance. While the reference is clear, the figure still has its own identity with its more rounded shape and the Bear Champ crossover. Oh, did we mention it's ridiculously cute?

Pobber will release the 4" Lucky Punch figure for pre-order on Tuesday, September 17th from their online store.

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Yao x Devil Toys — Yao: The Beauty of Vanishing


The prototype of the Yao: The Beauty of Vanishing resin art toy (8.5) was one of the clear highlights of the Merry Go Round / Devil Toys booth at this April's Shanghai Toy Show. It's a surreal, striking take on the most famous mouse of all. Created by Taiwanese artist Huang Zhengyao, the piece is a 3D translation of his eerie Disappeared series paintings featuring pop culture icons with elongated, distorted faces. 

The final figure has a bit more of a friendly feel with his arms confidently placed on his hips versus the more neutral pose of the STS prose which featured his arms at his side.  Limited to 99 pieces,  Yao: The Beauty of Vanishing  with included certificate of authenticity will be available for pre-order on Friday (9.13) at 8 AM PDT direct from Devil Toys for $230 (includes worldwide shipping). It will also be offered from select retailers including myplasticheart who is offering it for $269.99. The figure is slated to ship sometime in November.


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Futura x MINDstyle — 'Johnny' Online Release (9.13)


Friday the 13th is coming and with, the much anticipated online release for the new Johnny art toy vinyl (10") from NYC graff legend Futura and MINDstyle.  While it might be coincidental, the drop date fits with the name and partial inspiration behind the toy, a certain 80s horror film that put Johnny and Jack in the forefront of people's nightmares.

The new black+white figure features a stylized version ofFutura's signature character style with the traditional pointy legs and arms and a more recent flatter, wedge-like head.  The face features a sketch-like design with a toothy, mischievous smile.

Since its debut at this year's SDCC, collectors have been asking… 'when'.  Tomorrow's the day. Friday September 13th at 9 AM PDT from MINDstyle.com for $175 each.


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Sep 10, 2019

KAWS x NGV — 'GONE' Pink Edition (9.20)


In conjunction with the KAWS: Companionship in the Age of Loneliness Exhibition opening on September 20th at the National Gallery of Victoria in Australia, KAWS has created a special product collection with the NGV Design Store.  For art toy fans, the anticipated vinyl editions of his GONE sculpture—featuring a Companion carrying BFF—are right at the top of the list. In addition to the previously revealed all black (nearly) edition, KAWS has quickened pulses with photos of an additional pink + gray edition.  

Both of these GONE editions will be available at the NGV Design Store on the 20th as well as online via KAWSONE.


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myplasticheart Exclusive Brightstar OG TEQ63 (9.13)


Friday the 13th is quickly shaping up to be TEQ63 Friday.  Myplasticheart will release its exclusive Brightstar OG edition of the uber popular figure from The 3D Hero x QUICCS x Martian Toys—one of two exclusives slated for the 13th. Limited to 100 pieces, the new edition features a red/yellow/gray version of The 3D Hero's Brightstar design concept, first seen on the Five Points Festival Brightstar Blue edition.  As a fun touch, 'mph' is emblazoned on Brightstar's leg.

The Brightstar OG TEQ63 will be available on 9.13 at 9 AM PDT exclusively from the myplasticheart web shop.


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ToyQube x Lance Inkwell — Gordie (9.13)


ToyQube has collaborated with Lance Inkwell on a new original art toy, Gordie (8") The frightful debut edition of the vinyl art toy brings the artist's retro 'toon style to life, complete with scary mask and jack-o-lantern accessory. Gordie will be available for pre-order on Friday the 13th (9.13) from ToyQube and will ship out in November. Future editions will be go beyond simple colorways with different concepts realized through new accessories.


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Mintyfresh — Exclusive Atomic Star TEQ63 (9.13)


Friday the 13th is turning out to be a good omen for QUICCS collectors with two separate exclusives.  First up is Mintyfresh's Exclusive Atomic Star TEQ63 from The 3D Hero x QUICCS x Martian Toys. Limited to 100 pieces, Atomic Star features a vibrant blue, red and gold colorway of his futuristic design first seen on the Brightstar Blue TEQ63 released at this year's Five Points Festival.  

The Atomic Star TEQ63 will be available exclusively from Mintyfresh's online store on 9.13 at 7 AM PDT.


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Mist x Artoyz Originals — Devil Erectus (9.18)


Mist has announced that his Devil Erectus Blue Edition vinyl toys will be released from Artoyz on Wednesday, September 18th.  Limited to 200 pieces, the nearly 8" vinyl features the graffiti artist's signature devil character in a cocky, contorted pose, pointing with one hand, the other tucked behind his back. The stylized, angular design recalls Mist's graffiti.

First announced back in 2016, it's good to see it done and ready for collectors. This is the latest in a long, successful collaboration between Mist x Artoyz collaboration.


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Sep 09, 2019

Tokyo Jesus x Clutter Studios —Oni-Tayū (太夫) Smoke and Mirrors Edition (9.13)


Every once in awhile, a figure catches us completely off guard. While named as a follow-up edition to the Crystal Blood Tayū  released back in April, the new Oni-Tayū (太夫) Smoke and Mirrors Edition (12")from Tokyo Jesus and Clutter is, in reality, a completely different figure and tour de force.

While the Oiran's overall shape remains the same, Tokyo Jesus has sculpted a breathtaking skeleton or perhaps more accurately, a network of interconnected skulls and bones.  Double cast in an outer layer of translucent smoke resin and GID resin for the inner skeleton, the new figure conveys Tokyo Jesus's aesthetic in a clear, powerful, and perhaps unmatched manner.

Limited to 50 pieces, the Oni-Tayū (太夫) Smoke and Mirrors Edition will be available for pre-order on Friday (9.13) at 11 AM PDT from Clutter for $350. Handcrafted by Clutter Studios in New York, these standout figures will begin to ship on November 30th, 2019.


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Touma — Hitch Bear Set to Debut at TTF and DesignerCon


Japanese artist Touma will debut his new Hitch Bear toy (3.5") at Taipei Toy Festival (10.10 - 10.13) and DesignerCon (11.22 - 11.24). The new toy debuts in one of the artist's signature color combos: deep blue with red + white accents. Following in his father's footsteps, Hitch always encourages the other animals in his village with a positive, 'thumbs up'. The good vibes result in the animals letting the friendly bear tag along for a ride, hence the name. Articulated at the hip, Hitch can both stand and sit/ride.


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MJ Hsu x UVD Toys — Ellie The Jellyfish Princess Teal Edition (9.10)


UVD Toys will release the new Teal Edition of the Ellie The Jellyfish Princess (8.5") from MJ Hsu on Tuesday (9.10) from their online store for $75. The Teal edition compliments the OG Pink edition by swapping around the teal and pink with a teal dress and pink accents. As with the previous edition, the translucent Jellyfish dress is the highlight of this piece. Ellie really shines in natural light, as you can see in the lovely pics from the artist.


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Sep 08, 2019

Tokidoki x 8 oz — Salaryman Family Statues (9.9)

Apportfolio has collaborated with Tokidoki on two new large-format (14.5") Salaryman Family statues. The new pieces are part of the new 8 oz brand which offers art editions for collectors starting to explore the higher-end market. Previewed at Shanghai Toy Show back in April, the impressive pieces feature Simone Legno's Salaryman Tiger characters envisioned as rules of ancient Rome. The fun concept, inspired by his love for his home city of Rome, is well executed and offers a fun, visually enticing take on his characters. 

Seated on ornately decorated thrones and dressed in traditional Roman garb, the male and females character hold their daughter and son on their laps, respectively. The metallic silver thrones feature  Roman iconography with the signature Tokidoki flair including Unicornos and Tokidoki-style Roman soldiers.

My Tiger Nation family has many important elements that are very dear in my life. First of all, the Salaryman design is my favorite character and tiger is my favorite animal. These designs are all about family and in fact, family is the most important thing to me. This has been so since I was a child, and even more so now that I am the father of a girl and boy. I feel I exist, work and breathe just for them right now. The choice of this Tiger family being in ancient Romans look is because Rome is my home town, and I love and feel pride for its rich history and iconography" — Simone Legno

Limited to 150 pieces each, the Salaryman Family statues (Male and Female) will be released this Monday (9.9) at 7 AM PDT directly from Apportfolio for ¥2380 ($334) each.


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Pop Mart x Pucky — Sleeping Babies


It seems that Pop Mart releases new super cute toys every day. While that's an exaggeration, it's not *that* far off the mark.  Next up is the latest Pucky mini series.  Sleeping Babies brings us back to our childhood where we all had one thing that was precious to us, an indispensable companion be it blanket, bear, book or something else. Most of the designs (12 standard + 1 chase) feature the Sleeping Baby holding or in some cases dragging a treasured item to bring with them on their slumber journey.  While each is very cute, the Sloth Baby, Owl Baby with Dreamcatcher and the Little Moon Baby (chase) are some of our 'picks'.  What are your favorites?

Sleeping Babies will be released on September 13th in China at Pop Mart's many retail outlets (stores, robo shops, app and more) for ¥59 ($8.30)  per blind box and ¥708 ($100) per case.  We expect to see these available in the USA shortly with higher pricing to account for shipping costs and such — likely $10,99/blind box.


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Kidrobot x Stephanie Buscema — Santa Muerte 8" Dunny (9.13)


Stephanie Buscema's upcoming Santa Muerte 8" Dunny is inspired by the Mexican folk deity, often referred to as the 'bony lady', worshiped for protection on the journey to the after life. Buscema's design features a flower-adorned version of the deity with flowing robes and traditional scythe. Her at-peace skeletal expression features large, closed eyes and softer details befitting the subject. The mix of sculpted and painted floral deco is a nice aesthetictouch, adding depth and taking advantage of the 3D medium. 

Santa Muerte will be released on Friday, September 13th (9.13) in both a standard black and a red edition, presumably a KR exclusive. Both editions are expected to retail for $100 each with the KR.com release set for 9 AM PDT on the 13th. While not specifically so-labelled, the release comes just a month or so ahead of Dia de Los Muertos (11.2).


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QUICCS x Martian Toys — VOLTEQ63 MEGA TEQ (9.10)


Quiccs and Martian Toys have something special in store for this coming TEQ Tuesday (9.10).  Yes, it's a dope Voltron-inspired design but it's also a Mega Teq (12.5"). Limited to 150 pieces, the five lions look great here with crisp, black line detail throughout.  Due to the anticipated demand, Martian Toys is planning special release procedures to be announced on Monday.  Keep an eye on @martiantoys for the latest. While no pricing has been announced, the original Core MEGA TEQ's were released at $175 while more limited editions have been offered at $199.

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Sep 06, 2019

Freddy Funko x Ron English NYCC Exclusive (10.3 - 10.6)

ouiwgbvFunko unveiled their NYCC 2019 exclusives this year and amongst the numerous fun pop culture designs (2001! Fortnite!) is one that will surprise and please art toy collectors. Freddy Funko with a wide, bright grin courtesy of Ron English. Ron's given Funko's mascot a mischievous trouble maker makeover with black crown and black + red skull 'n bones tee. The 'grin' is taking over, one toy at a time…

Limited to 1000 pieces, the Freddy Funko Ron English edition will be available at the Toy Tokyo booth [588/688] at NYCC (10.3 - 10.6).


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Sep 05, 2019

Kidrobot Exclusive Poison Pumpkin Spice by Andrew Bell (9.6)


Kidrobot and Andrew Bell have brewed up a special Halloweeny treat. The Poison Pumpkin Spice Kill Kat (6") vinyl is coming for you. We're not particularly partial to Pumpkin Spice, maybe the poison variant will taste better… Check all your treats carefully and be sure to set aside any from O No Foods.  KR's Exclusive Kill Kats drop on Friday (9.6) at 9 AM PDT from Kidrobot.com for $45 each.


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Sep 04, 2019

Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx — Hidden Dissectibles: Sesame Street (9.7)


What if you could shrink down Jason Freeny's anatomical dissected toys to fit your cubicle or plunk onto your desk?  That's exactly what Mighty Jaxx and Jason Freeny have done with the new Hidden Dissectibles: Sesame Street blind box series. 

The new series features mini versions (4-4.5") of six super popular Sesame Street friends including Bert, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Count Von Count and Elmo. There are also four chase designs to hunt, for a total of ten figures. The Hidden Dissectibles: Sesame Street drops  on Saturday (9.7) at 6 AM PDT from the Mighty Jaxx store for $12.99/blind box or $155.88 for a case of twelve (free shipping).  These are in-stock and ready to ship out.

Finally, maybe it's just us, but the name has us wondering if we'll see other Hidden Dissectibles series. Rugrats anyone?


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Baghead x ToyQube — Spitfire (9.5)


ToyQube will release the brand-new Spitfire resin from Baghead on Thursday (9.5) at 11 AM PDT for $145 from their online store. First seen a few weeks ago at Beijing Toy Show, intriguing and innovative resin piece features a viper with a chain-link body.

The form itself inspires with its reality-suspending visuals of being supported by the chain itself. The lack of a distinct, solid body gives Spitfire a newness that's unmistakable. The design and choice of materials, colors and textures is key as well.  The black matte of the chain and the translucent red elements on the body,head fins and tail are striking. Spitfire is a novel, modern take on urban art toys.


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MINDstyle — Street Fighter x Ron English Blanka Grin (9.7)


It's the beast's turn.  MINDstyle finishes its Street Fighter x Ron English online releases with an exclamation point in Blanka Grin.  Featuring a dynamic pose, full of rage and energy, Ron English's version of the standout, primal green beast from Capcom's legendary fighting game series just might be our favorite of the three (Ryu Grin, Guile Grin and Blanka Grin).

The 9" crouched sculpt features unconventional lines and angles befitting the mutated, electric fighter. As you can see in the numerous pictures, Blanka has plenty of wicked 'sides'—nearly every angle is snap worthy.

Blanka Grin will be available on Saturday (9.7) at 9 AM PDT from MINDstyle.com for $250/each — limit 2 per household.


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Sep 03, 2019

Pop Mart x Xuan Yi — Ayla


-Pop Mart's dizzying release schedule continues with a surprise. Chinese artist Xuan Yi (亦宣) makes her Pop Mart debut with her signature Ayla (Elf Deer) character in a pink pajamas, rabbit cosplay-style design.  Rather than a mini series, the first Ayla release is a medium-sized figure (6.7")—a relative rarity for Pop Mart. The debut Ayla figure will be available shortly  in China for ¥499 ($70) and presumably in other markets shortly.

Xuan Yi is part of Pop Mart's Pop Design Center (PDC), an art toy incubator of sorts. Several of her designs were featured at this year's PDC Beijing Toy Show booth including smaller versions as well as ones with distinct deer antlers.


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Emilio Garcia — McBrain at Swab Barcelona Art Fair


Emilio Garcia will unveil his latest cerebral sculpture at Swab Barcelona Art Fair (9.26 - 9.29).  Perhaps playing off the food for thought concept, McBrain brings us a tasty looking burger with a subtle twist: a brain bun. 3 Punts Gallery will showcase this latest piece in Garcia's brain evolution at the art fair.


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Sep 01, 2019

ToyQube — Astro Boy Greeting 2.0


ToyQube has released a new smooth matte edition of its popular Astro Boy Greeting vinyl art toy, part of its City Series. The new 2.0 Edition (above, left) features the same traditional Thai greeting pose of the OG and replaces its glossy finish with a more subtle matte finish for a classy variation. 

Astro Boy Greeting 2.0 (10")is available for pre-order now for $115 direct from ToyQube and is slated to ship out sometime in September.  If you missed the OG Greeting edition or love all things Astro Boy, it's worth a look.


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