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Sep 08, 2019

Tokidoki x 8 oz — Salaryman Family Statues (9.9)

Apportfolio has collaborated with Tokidoki on two new large-format (14.5") Salaryman Family statues. The new pieces are part of the new 8 oz brand which offers art editions for collectors starting to explore the higher-end market. Previewed at Shanghai Toy Show back in April, the impressive pieces feature Simone Legno's Salaryman Tiger characters envisioned as rules of ancient Rome. The fun concept, inspired by his love for his home city of Rome, is well executed and offers a fun, visually enticing take on his characters. 

Seated on ornately decorated thrones and dressed in traditional Roman garb, the male and females character hold their daughter and son on their laps, respectively. The metallic silver thrones feature  Roman iconography with the signature Tokidoki flair including Unicornos and Tokidoki-style Roman soldiers.

My Tiger Nation family has many important elements that are very dear in my life. First of all, the Salaryman design is my favorite character and tiger is my favorite animal. These designs are all about family and in fact, family is the most important thing to me. This has been so since I was a child, and even more so now that I am the father of a girl and boy. I feel I exist, work and breathe just for them right now. The choice of this Tiger family being in ancient Romans look is because Rome is my home town, and I love and feel pride for its rich history and iconography" — Simone Legno

Limited to 150 pieces each, the Salaryman Family statues (Male and Female) will be released this Monday (9.9) at 7 AM PDT directly from Apportfolio for ¥2380 ($334) each.


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Pop Mart x Pucky — Sleeping Babies


It seems that Pop Mart releases new super cute toys every day. While that's an exaggeration, it's not *that* far off the mark.  Next up is the latest Pucky mini series.  Sleeping Babies brings us back to our childhood where we all had one thing that was precious to us, an indispensable companion be it blanket, bear, book or something else. Most of the designs (12 standard + 1 chase) feature the Sleeping Baby holding or in some cases dragging a treasured item to bring with them on their slumber journey.  While each is very cute, the Sloth Baby, Owl Baby with Dreamcatcher and the Little Moon Baby (chase) are some of our 'picks'.  What are your favorites?

Sleeping Babies will be released on September 13th in China at Pop Mart's many retail outlets (stores, robo shops, app and more) for ¥59 ($8.30)  per blind box and ¥708 ($100) per case.  We expect to see these available in the USA shortly with higher pricing to account for shipping costs and such — likely $10,99/blind box.


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Kidrobot x Stephanie Buscema — Santa Muerte 8" Dunny (9.13)


Stephanie Buscema's upcoming Santa Muerte 8" Dunny is inspired by the Mexican folk deity, often referred to as the 'bony lady', worshiped for protection on the journey to the after life. Buscema's design features a flower-adorned version of the deity with flowing robes and traditional scythe. Her at-peace skeletal expression features large, closed eyes and softer details befitting the subject. The mix of sculpted and painted floral deco is a nice aesthetictouch, adding depth and taking advantage of the 3D medium. 

Santa Muerte will be released on Friday, September 13th (9.13) in both a standard black and a red edition, presumably a KR exclusive. Both editions are expected to retail for $100 each with the KR.com release set for 9 AM PDT on the 13th. While not specifically so-labelled, the release comes just a month or so ahead of Dia de Los Muertos (11.2).


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QUICCS x Martian Toys — VOLTEQ63 MEGA TEQ (9.10)


Quiccs and Martian Toys have something special in store for this coming TEQ Tuesday (9.10).  Yes, it's a dope Voltron-inspired design but it's also a Mega Teq (12.5"). Limited to 150 pieces, the five lions look great here with crisp, black line detail throughout.  Due to the anticipated demand, Martian Toys is planning special release procedures to be announced on Monday.  Keep an eye on @martiantoys for the latest. While no pricing has been announced, the original Core MEGA TEQ's were released at $175 while more limited editions have been offered at $199.

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