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Sep 04, 2019

Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx — Hidden Dissectibles: Sesame Street (9.7)


What if you could shrink down Jason Freeny's anatomical dissected toys to fit your cubicle or plunk onto your desk?  That's exactly what Mighty Jaxx and Jason Freeny have done with the new Hidden Dissectibles: Sesame Street blind box series. 

The new series features mini versions (4-4.5") of six super popular Sesame Street friends including Bert, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Count Von Count and Elmo. There are also four chase designs to hunt, for a total of ten figures. The Hidden Dissectibles: Sesame Street drops  on Saturday (9.7) at 6 AM PDT from the Mighty Jaxx store for $12.99/blind box or $155.88 for a case of twelve (free shipping).  These are in-stock and ready to ship out.

Finally, maybe it's just us, but the name has us wondering if we'll see other Hidden Dissectibles series. Rugrats anyone?


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Baghead x ToyQube — Spitfire (9.5)


ToyQube will release the brand-new Spitfire resin from Baghead on Thursday (9.5) at 11 AM PDT for $145 from their online store. First seen a few weeks ago at Beijing Toy Show, intriguing and innovative resin piece features a viper with a chain-link body.

The form itself inspires with its reality-suspending visuals of being supported by the chain itself. The lack of a distinct, solid body gives Spitfire a newness that's unmistakable. The design and choice of materials, colors and textures is key as well.  The black matte of the chain and the translucent red elements on the body,head fins and tail are striking. Spitfire is a novel, modern take on urban art toys.


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MINDstyle — Street Fighter x Ron English Blanka Grin (9.7)


It's the beast's turn.  MINDstyle finishes its Street Fighter x Ron English online releases with an exclamation point in Blanka Grin.  Featuring a dynamic pose, full of rage and energy, Ron English's version of the standout, primal green beast from Capcom's legendary fighting game series just might be our favorite of the three (Ryu Grin, Guile Grin and Blanka Grin).

The 9" crouched sculpt features unconventional lines and angles befitting the mutated, electric fighter. As you can see in the numerous pictures, Blanka has plenty of wicked 'sides'—nearly every angle is snap worthy.

Blanka Grin will be available on Saturday (9.7) at 9 AM PDT from MINDstyle.com for $250/each — limit 2 per household.


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