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Aug 06, 2019

Tobey — 'You Will Not Certainly Die' for Beijing Toy Show


Korean artist tObey will debut his new You Will Not Certainly Die resin toy at Beijing Toy Show in a nearly monochromatic edition.  Inspired by the biblical passage that describes the temptation of the forbidden fruit, the piece features a rather large snake encircling a woman about to take another bite. The visually striking piece carries tObey's signature aesthetic and continues his efforts to push the technical limits of the medium. No word yet on pricing/booth info.


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Toy Zero+ x AAAZ — Robber Baby for BTS (8.16 - 8.18)


For Beijing Toy Show, Toy Zero+ will release Robber Baby by AAAZ.  As his 'wanted' poster states, this new edition of PP Baby may be cute, but he's also 'extremely dangerous'.  Robber Baby features a monochromatic design—all the better to blend into the shadows—and comes with an axe accessory. The black smudges on his cheeks and nose add nicely to the concept. 

Robber Baby will be available from Toy Zero+'s BTS booth [A78], as will all of their other forthcoming releases.


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Mighty Jaxx x Whatshisname — HUMPek Rose Gold (8.10)


The amorous HUMPek returns in a high-class Rose Gold edition from Whatshisname and Mighty Jaxx.   This third edition follows the OG (red) and the Ebony and Ivory editions.  Rose Gold drops this Saturday (8.10) at 6 AM PDT —no pricing as of yet.

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