T. Wei x Unruly Industries — Smelter Skelter (7.16)

New Zealand-based artist T. Wei has teamed up once again with Unruly Industries on his new Smelter Skelter art toy.  Based on this one preview image, the new figure seems to be a creepy, stylish take on old-school wind-up robots.  It’s also a clever spin on the popular dissected or anatomical style with the robot’s exterior melting away along the diagonal to reveal the skeletal demon inside.  The new figure is scheduled for a pre-release on Tuesday (7.16) between Noon and 3 PM PDT.

Smelter Skelter features the artist’s familiar unfolding cube style seen in much of his original artwork and shares the skeleton link to Gone Fishin’—also by Unruly— which is available for pre-order now ($125) and slated for an August arrival.