Super7 x Gorilla Biscuits — 30th Anniversary Red ReAction Tribute Set

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Super 7 and NYC Hardcore band Gorilla Biscuits continue their 10+ year collaboration with the brand-new 30th Anniversary Gorilla Biscuits ReAction Figure (red) box set. As with the two previous sets, this third set is inspired by the third (final) pressing of the band’s self-titled album which was released on red 7″ vinyl.   Packaged in a stylish box, the set includes the Red Gorilla Biscuits ReAction blister-carded figure with ‘GB’ 7″ large-hole adapter/figure stand, a new 7″ red vinyl with large center hole and new label design plus a 16-page booklet celebrating the history of the recording and its release. As you may know, the center hole adapter allows you to play the record while the mascot figure spins round and round.   Available now exclusively from Super7 for $60, the new red tribute set follows the previous blue (1st press) and purple (2nd press) sets. The new red tribute set is limited to one per collector.