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Jul 16, 2019

Zeen Chin x Pop Life Global — Kinna Cola

2736  Kinna Cola_max

Pop Life Global will release the joyful Kinna Cola SFBI art toy by Malaysia-based Zeen Chin at SDCC.  The brand's second release with Zeen Chin, Kinna Cola features one of the artist's imp-like creatures enjoying a cold, refreshing soda pop.  Everyone, even imps, needs a relaxing break from time to time.

The Kinna Cola (8") vinyl toy will be available at the MINDstyle booth [#5145] for $75.

Secondary Photo: Anonymous Ridicule


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Jul 15, 2019

Jeromeski — 'Ninja Please' at SDCC


Now this one makes us smile.  Jeromeski (Jerome Lu and Scott Wilkowski) have teamed up once again on the SDCC Exclusive Ninja Please double-cast resin figures (2.25").  Starting with an original Ninja Monkey sculpt by Macsorro, Wilkowski has worked his figure-within-a-figure wizardry to bring these to undead life. 

Apparently available in four colorways, Ninja Please will be available at booth 2547 from Preview Night (Wednesday, 7.17) on for $80 each.


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Pop Life Global at SDCC — DC Comics x Imperial Court Batman and The Flash


Ever since Pop Life Global announced the DC Comics x Imperial Court art toys inspired  by ancient Chinese warriors and their traditional armor, many have been wondering when these would be released.  The answer is SDCC

Created in conjunction with the Beijing Imperial Court Cultural Development Company, the first two 15" vinyl figures in the series, Batman and The Flash, will be available at the MINDstyle booth [#5145] for $350 each.  For those that enjoy alternate, outside-the-box visions of iconic characters, the concept, the large form factor, armor variety and details on these should seal the deal.


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Futura x Pop Life Global — 'Johnny' SDCC Debut

2541 Johnny by Futura

Pop Life Global continues to reveal sought-after art toys for SDCC.  First seen in prototype form at ComplexCon last year, Johnny by pioneering graffiti artist Futura features his signature character style with a loose, sketch-like features.  The 10" vinyl art toy will debut at the MINDstyle booth [#5145] for $150 each.

The new Johnny toy is part of the Futura Laboratories project which made high-profile news with the debuts of the FL-001 and FL-002 sculptures at Beyond the Streets New York and the Paris Fashion Week in collaboration with Off-White

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Jul 14, 2019

Dull x Unruly Industries —King Charles


As we mentioned earlier today, Unruly Industries has announced a bumper crop of upcoming designer toys on this fine Sunday.  Starting with the traditional playing card royal, dull delivers a 3D tour de force with King Charles. Drawn in black + gold, the design fittingly features dual-skulls and a stylized re-work of the King's robes.  With a pre-order coming and the timing of this announcement, we're hoping King Charles will be on display at SDCC in the Sideshow booth [#1929]. Be sure to also drop by dull's booth [#4623] that he is sharing with Satellite Soda and Orange Phantasm. Get there early to score a free pin pack.


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Munky King x Unruly Industries SDCC Party (7.18)


San Diego Comic Con is right around the corner, so too the Munky King party.  The venerable tradition is back for its remarkable 12th year on Thursday (7.18) from 9 PM to 1 AM at Basic Bar in downtown SD.  This year's party is co-sponsored by Unruly Industries, Sideshow's new designer toy brand, who have sponsored giveaway prizes.  Live painting returns once again with a roster featuring several Unruly artists : kaNO, Luke Chueh, Nooligan, Jesse Hernandez and Mike 'poopbird' Groves

Munky King x Unruly Industries SDCC Party
Thursday, July 18th 2019 (9 PM - 1 AM)

410 Tenth Ave.
San Diego, CA 92101

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DesignerCon Tickets Available Now


Get ready for DesignerCon 2019 by purchasing your tickets now.  Buy a VIP ($70), Weekend ($35) or single day ($20) ticket over at the DCon site and check a key item for your to-do list. If you love Art Toys, the VIP is the way to go as it's the only ticket to the Friday VIP night.  DesignerCon 2019 is November 22nd through the 24th with a futuristic space theme.

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Pop Life at SDCC: SFBI Bode Minis


Pop Life continues to unveil it's SDCC lineup with their latest announcement of the SFBI Bode Minis featuring Vaughn Bode's comic characters, who continue to thrive thanks in part to his son Mark Bode's work. Both the brand-new Series 2 and the previously released Series 1 (DesignerCon 2018) 4-packs will be available for $60 each from the MINDstyle booth [#5145]. These are a must for fans of Cheech Wizard, Sgt. Sunflower and all of Bode's funky characters.


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kaNO x Unruly Industries — Ghetto Blaster


Unruly Industries has revealed the upcoming Ghetto Blaster art toy from kaNO.  More than any of his toys to date, Ghetto Blaster captures the style of the artist's paintings.  From this first preview photo, it's an excellent translation of his art and style. As with the Craola announcements, we're hoping this one makes an appearance at SDCC.

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Greg 'Craola' Simkins x Unruly Industries — Starry Knights + Stabby


Unruly Industries has made a series of new art toy announcements including three upcoming releases with Greg 'Craola' Simkins.  The Starry Knight series features two mystical characters -- Magi and Maret. While they bear a close resemblance to one another, Magi resembles a rabbit, while Maret appears to be a centaur (finned?). These have the feel of stout, mystical guardians. 

In addition to the Starry Knights, Unruly is previewing the brand-new Stabby figure.  This one features an animated, stylized version of the character, apart from the recent 3DRetro figure.  No word yet, but given the timing of these announcements, we're hopeful they will be on display at Sideshow's SDCC booth [#1929]


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Jul 13, 2019

Steve Caballero x HasNoTalent — Cab Dragon Action Figure


Proving once again that his name is a lie, Hasnotalent is collaborating with legendary skater Steve Caballero on a brand-new Cab Dragon action figure.  Based on Caballero's art, the new 3.75" figure is a new custom sculpt and features two removable heads (Cab and Dragon) as well as old-school articulation. Each card will be signed by Caballero as well.  Look for a release shortly. Be sure to follow @hasnotalent as his releases are done via IG comments. 


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Pop Life x Les Schettkoe — Strumtruppen 1918 Debuts at SDCC


As part  of its expansive SDCC lineup, Pop Life Global will debut the Strumtruppen 1918 figure designed by LES (Les Schettkoe).  Inspired by  World War I German storm troopers and the artist's penchant for skeleton characters, Strumtruppen 1918's story unfolds with his distinctive and fictional helmet. Featuring  a stylized WWI era camouflage pattern, the helmet combines the iconic spike from the Prussian Pickelhaube with a WWI-era Stalhem, a homage to the Kustom Kar culture popularized by artists such as Big Daddy Roth who was often spotted wearing one.

The Strumtruppen 1918 vinyl art toy (8") will be available at the MINDstyle/Pop Life booth for $75.


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Jul 12, 2019

Pop Life x Ron English — Pop-Up Shop Celebrating SDCC (7.17 - 7.20)


Pop Life Global  will celebrate San Diego Comic Con with a Pop-Up Shop at Luce Loft in beautiful San Diego featuring brand-new releases from the 'Godfather of Street Art', Ron English.  With daily drops and exclusives, the Pop Up will be filled with the latest Pop Life SFBI art toys by Ron English including collaborations with iconic franchises such as Astro Boy, Flinstones, Megaman, Street Fighter and more. It's also the spot to pick up in-demand, just released figures from English's sold-out solo show in China, Toycon Pop Life FanX and his Asia Pop-Up tour. Conveniently located just three blocks from SDCC, the Ron English x Pop Life Pop Up is a must for collectors and fans of the renown artist.

Pop Life x Ron English Pop-Up Shop 
Wednesday (7.17) - Saturday (7.20) from 11 AM to 6 PM   

Luce Loft
1037 J St
San Diego, CA 92101


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QUICCS x Martian Toys — Complex Ghost TEQ63's at ComplexCon (7.20 - 7.21)


TEQ63 is headed to ComplexCon Chicago (7.20 - 7.21).  That's right, two new Ghost Editions from QUICCS x Martian Toys  will be in Chicago —Complex Ghost Black and Complex Ghost White.  Each stylish edition plays with the black and white motif, with the mask and color being the inverse of the main color.  These will be available at Galerie F's ComplexCon Chicago booth.

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Munky King at SDCC: Superstar Destroyer Black


As previously mentioned, Munky King will release the new Superstar Destroyer Black vinyl art toy (10") by Bill McMullen as part of its SDCC lineup. Limited to 100 pieces, the Black edition (includes print) will be released on Preview Night, Wednesday (7.17), and will be available for $185 at the Munky King booth[#2649] and Bill McMullen's off-site solo show (info soon). 


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IamRetro x QUICCS — Crystal Green Camouflage Hello Kitty Debuts at SDCC


IAmRetro has elevated their Exclusive Green Camouflage Hello Kitty vinyl (Kidrobot) with a high-end Swarovski crystal makeover.  The Crystal edition features 1940 crystals, applied by hand, one by one.  Limited to 32 pieces total, the new bling edition (4 pieces) will debut at SDCC at the Nsurgo booth [#5601]. Due to the limited nature of the figure, Nsurgo will release one Crystal edition per day via rafffle (7.18-7.21). Nsurgo will also offer an IamRetro x QUICSS capsule collection at SDCC. Pricing has not been announced.

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3DRetro — SDCC Exclusive Shi Shi by Bigshot Toyworks


Hot on the heels of the just launched (and funded!) Shi Shi: The Tiny Guardian Kickstarter, 3DRetro has announced their SDCC Exclusive Shi Shi sofubi from Bigshot Toyworks.  Cast in light blue sofubi in Japan, the unpainted edition 4" edition is limited to 50 pieces and will be available at the 3DRetro booth [#2459] for $45.


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Jul 11, 2019

Todd James x Case Studyo — Tank Pool Float


Just in time for some Summer fun, Case Studyo has released the Tank Pool Float by renown painter and graffiti artist Todd James (REAS).  The functional pool float features James'  cute yet brash tank character throwing up the #1 and a salute at the same time. The fun piece embraces dimensionality with a large turret and the animated pose. 

An edition of 200, the Tank Pool Float by Todd James (L59 x W57 x H43.4") is available now from Case Studyo  for €302.5 for EU customers or €239/$268 for non-EU customers.


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Coarse — Omen Totem Fade : Falling Star & Old Sun (7.18)


Coarse has officially announced their new 14" Omen Totem-Fade vinyl art toys in two editions, Falling Star and Old Sun. First seen as display prototypes at this year's Shanghai Toy Show in April, these elevate the popular Omen Fade design with the larger Totem (200%) form-factor.  Seen in person, the finish and execution on these is excellent.  The stunning, deep black gloss of the partially open eye adds to the heartfelt feeling of sorrow embodied in the Omen Fade design.

Omen Totem Fade will be available in two editions: Old Sun (orange-red + white) and Falling Star (black + orange).  Limited to 234 pieces of each edition, Omen Totem Fade will be available for pre-order on Thursday (7.18) at 8:59 AM from the Coarse Shop for $249 each.  Currently in production, the figures are scheduled to ship in the October-November 2019 time frame.


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Jul 10, 2019

100% Soft — SDCC Exclusive Dumpster Fire


For SDCC, 100% Soft will release their Exclusive Dumpster Fire resin art toys.  Based on the pin design, the toy offers a cheerful thought even when things might not be going very well.  It's also just plain fun.  Limited to 50 pieces of the regular edition and 10 of the blue flame variant, Dumpster Fire measures 3.5 x 3.5 x 2.75" and is produced by Props And Pop.  Pickup this clever, cute exclusive from the 100% Soft booth [#1532] for $50 each.


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IamRetro Exclusive Mega Super Retro TEQ63 by QUICCS x Martian Toys (7.16)


Back in December, IamRetro released their exclusive Super Retro TEQ63 channeling their passion for gaming with a design based on the classic SNES console.   As you might expect, it sold out quickly.  Now comes word of the Mega Super Retro TEQ63 by QUICCS x Martian Toys.  Same cleverly-executed design, only on the new 12.5" Mega body. Beyond the announced drop date of Tuesday July 16th, release details are yet to be announced including pricing and exact release time. Save the date.

Photo: Rat Daddy

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Huck Gee x BAIT x Robotech — SDCC S.Head Gold


BAIT will release their S.Head Gold figure at SDCC featuring Huck Gee's  design blending his officially-licensed take on the Robotech Cyclone and his signature Skull Head character.  The new edition stuns with a suit of futuristic golden armor, red + black accents and a dark smoke visor.  Available at the BAIT booth [#2747] for $125.
The new Gold edition is the second release of the S.Head variant, following the black DesignerCon edition.

Source: Unofficial SDCC Blog.


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Tik Ka From East x Mighty Jaxx — Hambuddha Celadon


Hambuddha returns in a new Celadon Edition from Tik Ka from East and Mighty Jaxx. In keeping with the food theme, the new version is inspired by ceramic dishes and bowls.  It also has the added wrinkle of being the most statue-like colorway to date, emphasizing the Buddhist aspect while letting the Golden Arches aspect fade into the background.

The Hambuddha Celadon Edition vinyl art toy (8") will be available on Saturday (7.13) at 6 AM PDT from Mighty Jaxx for  $169 (worldwide shipping included).  This figure is in stock and ready to ship.


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Jul 09, 2019

Bill McMullen x Munky King — SDCC Exclusive Superstar Destroyer Black Edition


It's been about two months since Munky King released the long-awaited Superstar Destroyer by Bill McMullen in the OG colorway.  His take on the Imperial Destroyer slots in nicely with McMullen's classic AD-AT figure (Span of Sunset), both of which are inspired by the classic Adidas Shelltoe.   Interestingly, McMullen created the Superstar Destroyer design before the AD-AT design.

How best to follow the OG drop?  Black, of course.  The Black Edition features a black hull with white stripes, essentially an inverse of the original design.  Limited to 100 pieces, the SDCC Exclusive Superstar Destroyer Black Edition will be available at Munky King's booth [#2649]. There is no word on pricing yet.

Munky King will release their SDCC Exclusive Superstar Destroyer in Black by Bill McMullen at their booth [#2649] for $180. The Black edition is essentially the inverse design of the OG white edition. 

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Buff Monster x Clutter Gallery — I'll Melt With You(7.13)


Clutter Gallery will present the opening of I'll Melt With You on Saturday (7.13) in Beacon, New York.  The group show will showcase artist customs of 5" resin figures of Buff Monster's signature character, Mister Melty.  Curated by Buff Monster and Clutter, the artist lineup includes Buff Monster, Battle Damage Dave, Fluke, Jim McKenzie, Katie GambKyle Kirwan, MP Gautheron, Oliver Hibert, Arbito, Bwana SpoonsL’Amour SupremeRampage Toys, Mus Musculus, Czee13, Sad Salesman, Klav9Riiisa Boogie, Mr. Mars, Cherry Moth Cake and more.  Be sure to check out the photo gallery for several previews.

Buff Monster will be at the opening, so drop by, checkout the custom Mister Melty figures, chat with Buff about the character's meaning, and enjoy a special ice cream treat from Zora Dora's created for the event.

Buff Monster || I'll Melt With You
Opening: Saturday, July 13th 2019

163 Main Street
Beacon, NY 12508


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