Coarse — Omen Totem Fade : Falling Star & Old Sun (7.18)

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Coarse has officially announced their new 14″ Omen Totem-Fade vinyl art toys in two editions, Falling Star and Old Sun. First seen as display prototypes at this year’s Shanghai Toy Show in April, these elevate the popular Omen Fade design with the larger Totem (200%) form-factor.  Seen in person, the finish and execution on these is excellent.  The stunning, deep black gloss of the partially open eye adds to the heartfelt feeling of sorrow embodied in the Omen Fade design.

Omen Totem Fade will be available in two editions: Old Sun (orange-red + white) and Falling Star (black + orange).  Limited to 234 pieces of each edition, Omen Totem Fade will be available for pre-order on Thursday (7.18) at 8:59 AM from the Coarse Shop for $249 each.  Currently in production, the figures are scheduled to ship in the October-November 2019 time frame.