Andrew Bell Debuts ‘Kisses of Death’ Line at SDCC

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First Kit Kats and now chocolate Kisses.  Andrew Bell continues his series  of ‘dangerous’ chocolate remakes with the new Kisses of Death line from O-No Food Company. A follow-up to his Kill Kat figures, the new vinyl toy treats will come in two sizes: a bag of three 2″ Kisses and a 4″ Skull Kiss. The bag of the 2″ Kisses of Death features three different sculpts capturing the voracious beasts in different stages of a kill. The 4″ Skull Kiss features a partially melted body that reveals the evil skull that lies within. As you would expect from an O-No Food release, both feature clever packaging. The smaller 2″ trio comes individually foil-wrapped in a nicely branded bag, while the larger Skull Kiss comes nestled in partially opened foil wrap inside a swanky window box.

Kisses of Death will debut at SDCC with the Mostly Evil editions of the bag of three 2″ Kisses ($30) and the 4″ Skull Kiss ($30) from the Dumbrella booth [#1335].