Andrew Bell at SDCC: ‘Spike’ Android

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Though we’re pretty sure we heard Andrew Bell say last year that this was the ‘last time’ and maybe the year before that too, the allure of SDCC has lured him back once again. Maybe it’s the CosPlay, or the hot dogs, or all of the cool collectibles, or maybe he’s addicted like the rest of us. At any rate, he’s revealed the first of his Comic Con releases: the Spike Android toy.

Debuting at SDCC, the Summer-themed Android brings you the joy of the desert. The clever design is two-thirds cactus and a third terra cotta pot.  Based on the newer modular body, Spike can be mixed and matched in crazy combinations with himself and any of the Robot Revolution androids.  Find Spike ($12) and the other goodies Mr. Bell has yet to unveil at the Dumbrella booth [#1335].