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Jul 08, 2019

Andrew Bell at SDCC: King Size Death Pepper Kill Kat


If you like your re-animated treats red hot, then Andrew Bell has just the horrific flavor for you.  He'll be unleashing the King Size Death Pepper Kill Kat at San Diego Comic-Con.  At 15" tall, this new XL edition packs quite a wallop with the pure flavor of the fiery, famed and fictitious Himalayan Death Pepper and tricked out 'tri-tone fade' paint. The King Size Death Pepper Kill Kat will be available from the Dumbrella booth [#1335] for $130 each.

In other Kill Kat news, Andrew should also have the Purple Drank Kill Kats (regular size) at SDCC. These translucent treats were first available at the recent Five Points Festival.


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Skinner x Eyecon Jewelry —'Oblivion Wizard' Ring Debuts at SDCC

Oblivion Turnaround BRASS_edited-1

Mikie Graham, known to toy collectors as a customizer and one-time Blamo associate, will launch his new Eyecon Cosplay brand of distinctive jewelry and clothing at SDCC. The debut collection will include the Oblivion Wizard ring by Skinner, the first release in Eyecon's Artist Ring series.  With a grizzled beard, mystic head talisman and cosmic gaze, the Oblivion Wizard is sure to draw attention from the uninitiated. 

The Oblivion Wizard ring will be available in Yellow Brass ($75) and Sterling Silver ($222) versions in whole sizes ranging from 6 to 12. It will be released on Wednesday (7.17), Preview Night, from the Five and Diamond booth [#4521] as well as from the Eyecon Etsy shop that evening beginning at 6 PM PDT.


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Andrew Bell at SDCC: 'Spike' Android

downloadThough we're pretty sure we heard Andrew Bell say last year that this was the 'last time' and maybe the year before that too, the allure of SDCC has lured him back once again. Maybe it's the CosPlay, or the hot dogs, or all of the cool collectibles, or maybe he's addicted like the rest of us. At any rate, he's revealed the first of his Comic Con releases: the Spike Android toy.

Debuting at SDCC, the Summer-themed Android brings you the joy of the desert. The clever design is two-thirds cactus and a third terra cotta pot.  Based on the newer modular body, Spike can be mixed and matched in crazy combinations with himself and any of the Robot Revolution androids.  Find Spike ($12) and the other goodies Mr. Bell has yet to unveil at the Dumbrella booth [#1335].


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Luke Chueh x Munky King — SDCC Ghostbear GID


Luke Chueh and Munky King will unleash the new Ghostbear toy in a special glow-in-the-dark edition debuting at San Diego Comic Con.  The figure is based on the character seen in the artist's Ghostbear digital comics which he began creating shortly after the passing of his father. Limited to 299 pieces, the Ghostbear GID soft vinyl figure will be available from Munky King's SDCC booth [#2649] for $35.

While perhaps the first 'official' Ghostbear figure, the new toy does follow the previous Jiangshi figure from VTSS. No word yet on when we can expect the OG white Ghostbear toy.


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QUICCS x Martian Toys — TEQ63 TEQTRON Edition (7.9)


Before the Matrix, Tron invited all of us to consider what it would mean to become truly digital.  In honor of the 37th Anniversary of the classic sci-fi film, QUICCS and Martian Toys have created the TEQTRON edition of the popular TEQ63 vinyl art toy. The new edition features the futuristic circle + line markings symbolic of the ENCOM mainframe.

Limited to 299 pieces, TEQTRON will be available on Tuesday (7.9) at 9 AM PDT for $75 exclusively from MartianToys.com and Mothership Toy Gallery in Philadelphia. This release is limited to 2 per household.

Photo: @rat.daddy_

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Super7 x Gorilla Biscuits — 30th Anniversary Red ReAction Tribute Set


Super 7 and NYC Hardcore band Gorilla Biscuits continue their 10+ year collaboration with the brand-new 30th Anniversary Gorilla Biscuits ReAction Figure (red) box set. As with the two previous sets, this third set is inspired by the third (final) pressing of the band's self-titled album which was released on red 7" vinyl.   Packaged in a stylish box, the set includes the Red Gorilla Biscuits ReAction blister-carded figure with 'GB' 7" large-hole adapter/figure stand, a new 7" red vinyl with large center hole and new label design plus a 16-page booklet celebrating the history of the recording and its release. As you may know, the center hole adapter allows you to play the record while the mascot figure spins round and round.   Available now exclusively from Super7 for $60, the new red tribute set follows the previous blue (1st press) and purple (2nd press) sets. The new red tribute set is limited to one per collector.


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