The Latest from Arcane Divination: The Lost Cards (6.21)

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Since our first update on the Arcane Divination: The Lost Cards 3″ Dunny series, project curator J*Ryu and Kidrobot have revealed eight more Tarot-based designs. With the four previously mentioned, we’ve seen twelve of the thirteen designs from this second series which will be released on Friday (6.21) from select retailers and on (9 AM PDT).

Both of J*Ryu’s previewed designs—The Star and The Ghost—are standout designs that showcase the project’s efforts to push Dunny beyond what we expect from it.  The Star features a brand-new sextant-inspired head sculpt that appears as if it’s capable of swiveling. And then there’s The Ghost offers a contemplative scene as a ghostly lady floats through a foggy forest. This piece stands out in part because it takes us full circle back to J*Ryu’s early customs which featured this ghostly character and also because it’s the only previewed design that retains the standard Dunny sculpt—albeit with the addition of the embedded figure.

We’re looking forward to the final reveal and the release of Arcane Divination: The Lost Cards this Friday, June 21st 2019.