Super7 — Ren & Stimpy Deluxe Figures Pre-Order

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Super7 has just opened pre-orders for four additions to their 7″ Deluxe line including two impressive Ren & Stimpy releases.  Deluxe? Both Ren and Stimpy come with alternate parts and plenty of accessories to recreate all the rude scenes you loved way back when.  Ren comes with a total of three (!) heads, three sets of hands, as well as a Fez, Rubber Nipple Hat and Pork Snacks.  Not to be outdone, Stimpy ships with an alternate face, three sets of hands, a bag of Gritty Kitty, far, fish skeleton, nose goblin, litter box and rubber nipple hat accessories.

All those parts mean plenty fun possibilities.  Heck, you could even actually play with these, like you did when Ren & Stimpy first hit TV. Both are available now for pre-order (through 6/30) for $40 from Super7 and should ship in February 2020.  In addition to Ren and Stimpy, S7 is also taking pre-orders for deluxe editions of Voltron and the Toxic Crusader.

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  1. I want to preorder this shit! such a cool gnag. Have these idea for sometime i can see somebody pass me by and made it real.

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