Kenny Wong x Pop Mart — Buzz Lightyear Molly

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Just in time for Toy Story 4, Pop Mart has released a new Buzz Lightyear Molly by Kenny Wong. Given the popularity of the Astronaut Molly line, this new crossover is a natural fit and very much in character. Released on Friday (6.21) for 499 Yuan ($73), the medium-format figure is currently only in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan due to licensing considerations.  This is Pop Mart’s second high-profile Molly crossover project following the Minions Molly figures which were released at Shanghai Toy Show in April.

In addition to the standalone Buzz Light Year Molly, Pop Mart has also announced and teased their upcoming Toy Story Series Mini Series featuring what appears to be 12 characters including Woody, Buzz, Alien and Bo Peep.  The new series carries over the seated pose from the brand’s first Disney series, Mickey Family, which was released in the Spring.


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