Fools Paradise — Dokkan Awaken ||Furupawa

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Fools Paradise revels in over-the-top designs with head-turning, smile-inducing results.  How best to top their recent run of DBZ-inspired Dokkan Awaken figures? Going big, of course.  Goku has more than met his match with the new Broly-inspired Furupawa.

While the regular Dokkan Awaken figures stand an impressive 13.75″, the new Dokkan Awaken Furupawa dwarfs the earlier releases at 18.9″, a full five inches taller. My previous comments about the large format amplifying the craziness of the Fools Paradise designs apply even more so with Furupawa, especially when you consider the volume.  This is a massive homage or perhaps takedown of hypebeast culture cranked to eleven, with recognizable brands featured head to toe from tats to the gear and kicks.  And to top it off, we have the Lowfool bling hanging around Broly Fools’ very large neck.

The Dokkan Awaken Furupawa vinyl (18.9″) will be available direct from Fools Paradise for pre-order on Tuesday (6.11) with pricing to be announced shortly.