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Jun 22, 2019

The Opening of Ron English's 'English Translation Series' in Shenzhen


Ron English continues to add to his stardom in China with his sold-out English Translation Series exhibition, which opened on Friday evening at the Pop Life Art Space within Q-Plex in Shenzhen, China. Featured guest Taiwanese actor/rapper Show Lo (羅志祥) joined Ron English to announce their new collaborative toy, a Grin version of the celebrity's lion mascot.  Presented by Pop Life Global, the high-profile exhibition featured a new collection of original paintings on canvas and works on paper, immersive sculptural installations, and an exhibition shop stocked with Ron English merchandise including several new toys.


The exhibition's striking installations include an army of Ronnie Rabbbits and a giant MC Supersized in front of the venue, a menacing Everlast skeleton boxer within and towering Modzilla and Poultry Rex sculptures four stories high. The collection of original paintings features a smiley grin interpretation of the Mona Lisa as well a large number of pop-culture pieces from portraits of Street Fighter characters to Grin pieces of cartoon icons such as Charlie Brown and Tom and Jerry.

Pop Life debuted several new Ron English toys at the event store including a Ronnie Rabbbit vinyl (with wilted carrot), the new Delusionville minis, Elefanka and Allie Quack.

The English Translation Series runs through July 14th 2019 and is open weekdays, except Mondays.

[Photos: iToyz]


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Kenny Wong x Pop Mart — Buzz Lightyear Molly


Just in time for Toy Story 4, Pop Mart has released a new Buzz Lightyear Molly by Kenny Wong. Given the popularity of the Astronaut Molly line, this new crossover is a natural fit and very much in character. Released on Friday (6.21) for 499 Yuan ($73), the medium-format figure is currently only in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan due to licensing considerations.  This is Pop Mart's second high-profile Molly crossover project following the Minions Molly figures which were released at Shanghai Toy Show in April.

In addition to the standalone Buzz Light Year Molly, Pop Mart has also announced and teased their upcoming Toy Story Series Mini Series featuring what appears to be 12 characters including Woody, Buzz, Alien and Bo Peep.  The new series carries over the seated pose from the brand's first Disney series, Mickey Family, which was released in the Spring.


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Tomenosuke Exclusive Meowlting Strawberry by I Love Doodle x Mighty Jaxx


Tomenosuke's Exclusive Meowlting Strawberry Flavor figure from I Love Doodle and Mighty Jaxx comes just in time for the Summer sunshine.  This one is all about love: cat love, ice cream lovers, and love for food toys.  Oh, did we mention it's adorable? 

Limited to 100 pieces, the Meowlting Strawberry Flavor vinyl toy (6") is available from Tomenosuke for ¥11,000 ($102) from Tomenosuke's international store or from their Japan-only store (¥11,880).


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3DRetro Exclusive Thomas Nosuke Altaire by Doktor A x Tomenosuke


3DRetro has released it's Exclusive Thomas Nosuke Altaire sofubi from Doktor A and Tomenosuke.  Having had a chance to see this edition up close and in person,  it's quite nice with the mix of the smoke + glitter vinyl and the metallic silver painted elements.  It's also the first edition of the figure with the brand-new retro tin-toy style box which replaces the previous bag and header card packaging.  Tomenosuke has put a lot of love into the box which nails the retro feel right down to the staples used to hold it together.

Limited to 30 pieces, the Thomas Nosuke Altaire edition (8") is available exclusively from 3DRetro for $169.99.


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