YoYo Yeung x Pop Mart — The Kenneth Fox Blindbox Series

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The The Kenneth Fox blindbox series from Yoyo Yeung and Pop Mart tells the tale of the artist’s Fennec Fox character from his beginnings as a little girl’s plush toy to growing up and exploring his own parallel reality. Released on May 21st in China, the Kenneth Fox series features twelve standard designs in various poses and outfits (red ribbon and cloak). Keeping with the brand’s blindbox approach, a case of twelve figures contains a full, standard set.  A chase (hidden) figure?  Absolutely, the 13th design in the series is the adorable Kenneth Plush figure.

Like many of Pop Mart’s blindbox releases, each Kenneth Fox figure features a unique sculpt. The unique sculpts add to the sense of discovery with each opened blindbox.  While colorways are fun in their own right, they can’t really compare to unique sculpts.

The Kenneth Fox blindbox series is coming to the USA shortly from select retailers including myplasticheart.