Go Incognito with ‘Blue Moon Hooligans Hideout Skull’ by Bwana Spoons

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For his newest sofubi Bwana Spoons changes things up.  Instead of a quirky or cute character figure,  Hooligans Hideout Skull is Bwana’s take on the vinyl skull. While the subject might be conventional, the new piece is anything but with a stylized shape with a wide, pronounced jaw, mushroom spores and an erupted-volcano top.

The debut Blue Moon Hooligans Hideout Skull is available now for $55 direct from Gravy Toys.  This unpainted edition features translucent ‘Blue Moon’ vinyl which has a richer, deeper look than the ‘rainy day’ translucent blue that many collectors are familiar with.

From the front or 3/4 perspective, the figure definitely reads as a skull. From the side profile shot (above), the Blue Moon edition presents a more challenging read with a slight shape shift. The translucent blue cast visually softens details such that the unusual shape comes to the fore, becoming an undulating landscape of sorts.  And… what’s that at the rear? What is described by Bwana as a ‘window into the back of your soul’ looks like it might be a blown-out wound.