BlackBook Toy x Mishka x Lamour Supreme — Hallucination Kong Micro-Run by Kenth Toy Works

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BlackBook Toy is set to release the first painted edition of Kong, the latest evolution of their ongoing collaboration with Mishka and Lamour Supreme, with the Hallucination micro-run (edition of 7 pieces) from Kenth Toy Works. The ideal choice for the honor, as he sculpted both The Beast (Kong’s body) and the Kong head, Kenth Toy Works brings his signature Hallucination paint scheme to the imposing ape sofubi. With a mottled purple, green and blue pattern, Hallucination Kong draws out the beast’s ferocity and visceral anger.

Limited to just 7 pieces, the Hallucination Kong micro-run sofubi (12.6″) will be released via email lottery for ¥27,000 (~$246) from Thursday, May 16th at 8 AM PDT through Sunday, May 19th at 7:59 AM PDT.  Check BBT’s Kong lottery page for full information and complete lottery directions.