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May 23, 2019

myplasticheart @ 5 Points: Fortune Uamou Black Gold Liberty

fortune_uamou-1As part of its lineup for the upcoming Five Points Festival (6.1 - 6.2) in Brooklyn, myplasticheart will release their Exclusive Fortune Uamou Black Gold Statue of Liberty edition ($30) from Uamou.  A clever NYC-themed version of the figure, the Statue of Liberty variant has proven quite popular with an initial green edition (Five Points 2018), a sparkly green edition (NYCC 2018) and now this Black Gold edition.  Each of the previous editions has sold out, so if you'd like to add the newest Fortune Uamou Statue of Liberty figure to your collection, you might want to put the myplasticheart booth [#336] at the top of your 5 Points shopping list.


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