Tracy Tubera x Unruly Industries — Miles, Wade, and T’Challa Pre-Orders

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The T’s have it. Tuesday brings a triple-threat from Tracy Tubera. Unruly Industries has announced and is taking pre-orders for the new Marvel-licensed  Miles (5″), Wade (8.6″)  and T’Challa (9.9″) art toys created by Tracy Tubera.   Drawn from Spiderman, Deadpool and Black Panther, each of the figures features Tracy’s sneaker-centric, urban aesthetic with dynamic poses and exaggerated proportions.

Sneakers and superheroes come together with streetwise synergy in all three of Tracy Tubera’s hyper-energetic interpretations.  Each of the three figures is available for pre-order now from Sideshow Collectibles for $135 each.  While the material is not specified, we believe these will be vinyl, perhaps with ABS accessories and components.