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Mar 18, 2019

Sooya -- Ban & Nyang Ban Soft Vinyl for STS


Known primarily for her bisque (porcelain) dolls, Korean artist Sooya will release new Ban & Nyang Ban soft vinyl figures at Shanghai Toy Show (4.12 - 4.14). In order to ensure that the desert-themed STS versions of her signature bunny Ban and the brand-new cat Nyang Ban soft vinyl toys retain the refined, subtle look of her bisque figures, Sooya designed a new face sculpt to make it easier for painters in China to replicate her painting style.  As with her bisque dolls, each of the vinyl characters feature their favorite foods attached to the back of their heads—a carrot for Ban and a fish for Nyang Ban.

While we are relying on machine translation to understand the artist's posts, it appears that the pictured toys are the paint masters she created.  We're looking forward to seeing the production versions at STS—assuming we can get close-up before collectors quickly purchase them.


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Toynami x Robotech — New Generation Minis


Back in November, Toynami  released a DesignerCon exclusive Mospeada print by Jerome Lu. Where there's an exclusive print, there must be toys? In this case, the answer is thankfully yes. Toynami has just announced their brand-new Robotech New Generation mini figures featuring stylized, super deformed versions designed by none other than Jerome Lu. The blind-boxed series features the mechs you loved from the New Generation (Mospeada) cartoon including Alpha Fighter VFA-6H, Alpha Fighter VFA-6HI, Alpha Fighter VFA-6HZ, Scott Bernard Cyclone VR-052F, and Rand Cyclone VR-052T.


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KAWS 20" Companion Plush (3.21)


Surprise!  In addition to the previous announced KAWS: Holiday Hong Kong collection, KAWS and All Rights Reserved will release exclusive limited-edition 20" Companion Plush toys. Based on the photos these feature a soft, terry-cloth like texture and will be available in Gray, Brown, and Black as a set. Even more interesting is that they appear quite posable, perhaps through some sort of flexible armature?

The KAWS 20" Companion Plush will drop on Thursday (3.21) at 6 PM PDT from DDT Store along with reset of the KAWS:Holiday Hong Kong collection.


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Roby Dwi Antono — 'Intimacy' Sculpture


VTSS has released Roby Dwi Antono's Intimacy in two sculptural editions.  Based on the Indonesian artist's drawing of the same name (see photo gallery), the Pop Surrealist piece features a girl with a rabbit head but apparently human hands and feet sharing a moment with an amorphous, cloud-like creature with distinctly human faces, perhaps an exploration of human nature and identity.

First shown at One Art Taipei in January 2019, Intimacy is available for pre-order in a hand-painted polystone edition (Edition of 100, 13", $600) as a well as a white ceramic edition (Edition 50, 10 inches, $800) direct from VTSS.  Both editions  laser-etched wooden boxes.  Each also includes special signed/number certificates of authenticity done in wood for the polystone edition and in ceramic for the ceramic edition.


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JT Studio — Kong & Sixx Available Now

2pack1 copy

JT Studio has completed production on their Street meets East Kong and SIxx 1/6 figures.  First available as a pre-order back in October '18, the figures blend East and West, Modern and Traditional by fusing the legend of the Monkey King (Sun WuKong) with skating and street style. Kong & Sixx are in-stock and available for purchase directly from the JT Studio shop for $280 (+ s/h).  They are also available in a  deluxe 2-pack set ($550) which includes bonus fiery masks. 

The fiery Kong and his alter-ego Sixx come with a diverse set of accessories and clothing including Wu Kong-style masks, battle flags/banners, 'Superbar' staves, floral all-over-print hooded jackets, three sets of interchangeable hands and of course 'cloud' decks, a fun reference to the the legendary Monkey King's use of clouds to move about. Kong and Sixx are the latest examples of JT Studio's skill and creativity in making 1/6 art figures, a category in which it has few peers.


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Toy Geeks: Behind the Counter S3E6: 'Send Nudies'


Back on track with a weekly schedule, the brand-new episode of Toy Geeks: Behind the Counter is available now for streaming on Youtube and after the jump. Titled Send Nudies, S3E6 features regular Geeks George Gaspar, Ben Goretsky, Jack Muramatsu and a guest appearance from our producer/man behind the camera,  DeKorner Kevin.

Hit play, sit back, and enjoy reviews of the Kickstarter-launched Neudies, King Size Kill Kat from Andrew Bell, Kidrobot's Kaiju Dunny Battle minis, the 1/12 Popeye from Mezco, and Mister Self Indulgent from Nouar and Martian Toys.


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QUICCS x Devil Toys — NanoTEQ Nutbuster (3.20)


First shown in unpainted form at TTF 2018, the NanoTEQ: Nutbuster (6") vinyl sets from QUICCS and Devil Toys will be available for a 2-week pre-order starting this Wednesday (3.20) at 8 AM PDT directly from Devil Toys for $89.00 per set. Select retailers including myplasticheart are also offering both editions during the 2-week pre-order period.  The Nutbuster provides a full, mechanized power suit, amplifying the capabilities, reach, and destructive potential of the wee NanoTEQs.

The NanoTEQ: Nutbuster will be available in two editions: OG Black as well as Ghost White.  Veterans of heavy action, both versions have the wear and tear scars you might expect, with weathering/distress details throughout.  As seen in the photos, the NanoTEQ can be easily removed from the Nutbuster for display/play. Previous NanoTEQ figures should be equally at home in the Nutbuster cockpit.


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