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Mar 12, 2019

Tristan Eaton — Kiss My Assassin Poster / Go Together Print (3.13)


Tristan Eaton will release two editions to liven up your wall on Wednesday (3.13) at 12 PM PDT from his online store : Kiss My Assassin poster (Open Edition, 24 x 36", $50) and AP editions of his Go Together print (10 APs, 18 x 26", $400). Both are excellent ways to add Eaton's art to your space for creating, dreaming and living.

Need more?  Check out artist's excellent Paintings volume from CASS Contemporary which features the Kiss My Assassin image on the cover.


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Amanda Louise Spayd x Chris Ryniak — Bindlewood Big Top & Dust Bunnies Circus (3.12)


Amanda Louise Spayd and Chris Ryniak will present their Bindlewood Big Top & Dust Bunnies Circus tonight, Tuesday March 12th, at 6 PM PDT, on Bindlewood.com.  Perhaps best thought of as an online show/themed release, both artists have created original, one-of-a-kind pieces as well as a smaller number of toy and print editions.  Check out the full catalog to see what's available with full details including pricing.  This is a live sale, so pieces will disappear quickly.  Stay sharp.

Fully embracing the circus theme, both artists have created several unique pieces featuring their characters as big top performers working their magic on vintage style wooden circus pedestals or in one case, atop a wooden ball.


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Cells — Anatomy by Coarse


Surprise! Without much fanfare or notice, Coarse has just released CELLS — Anatomy (299 pieces) for $185 over on the COARSE shop.  This third CELLS colorway has a vaguely guts-colored motiff, perhaps the inspiration for the name. This latest edition is in sock and slated to ship in 1-2 weeks.


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IAmRetro Exclusive Green Camo Hello Kitty TEQ63 by QUICCS x Kidrobot


 Kidrobot's recent QUICCS Hello Kitty figures proved to be quite popular with the KR Exclusive Pink + Black selling out in a flash.  Now comes the delayed attack with a 3rd colorway—IAmRetro's Exclusive Green Camo edition.  In addition to complimenting the first two drops of the figure, the new Camo edition will look great alongside the various camo TEQ63 vinyls.  The IAmRetro Exclusive Green Camo Hello Kitty TEQ63 from QUICCS and Kidrobot drops this Friday (3.15) at IamRetro.com.

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Tomenosuke x Utomaru — Mimi The Cannibal Girl Cyber Tribe Edition (3.16)


Next up for the popular Mimi The Cannibal Girl sofubi from Tomenosuke x Utomaru is the Cyber Tribe micro run by Yohei Kaneko of Mirock Toy. Pictured above encircled by previous release, the dazzling metallic Cyber Tribe features a blue, red, and gold design layered over the previously released B & W Film edition. Kaneko's choice of golden hair adds a burst of warmth to the design's cool palette of blues and gray. He also plays with the underlying B & W figure by having the silver(mercury) trail run red in the end.

Tomenosuke will release Mimi the Cannibal Girl Cyber Tribe (an edition of 10) on Saturday (3.16) at 7:59 AM PST on its international store and  japan-only shop.


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