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Mar 11, 2019

Fools Paradise — Lowfool : Revenge EP2

IMG_4459 copy

Fools Paradise has a flair for the dramatic. How would Alan Ng and crew  follow Superman sitting atop a vanquished Joker as seen in Lowfool:Revenge Ep1?  Enter the Dark Knight Lowfool (~11.8") carrying Harley Quinn in EP2, seemingly more in anguish than triumph.  Beyond the triple-take concept, the execution from sculpt to paint delivers the striking visuals that deliver emotion with the enigmatic pairing. As tempting as it might be to jump down the rabbit's hole of interpretation, such an effort might cheapen the state of dramatic disarray where sensation rises above sense.

Limited to 398 sets, Lowfool:Revenge EP2 is available for pre-order for $298 (+$30 for global shipping) direct from Fools Paradise. EP2 is set to ship in Q3 2019.  EP1 is also currently available for pre-order.


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Andrew Bell — Chrome Dino Set


Andrew Bell's geek toy cred continues to grow. Yes, there are the legions of Android toys.  But it's unexpected drops like the Chrome Dino Set that really set him apart. If you're sitting there with a puzzled look on your face, this set  eatures the quirky, 8-bit like Dino which appears in Google's Chrome web browser whenever you try to load a web page without an Internet connection (the horror!). 

What at first just appears to be a cute, static graphic quickly becomes something way more fun with a tap of the arrow keys—yep, a mini game which has you guiding dino over and under various obstacles including endless rows of cacti.  This play set lets you recreate the agony or perhaps joy of the little hidden diversion lurking within Chrome.  The game is actually kinda fun—disable your WiFi and give it a try.

Created for Google to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Chrome, the Chrome Dino Set is now available to the public. It features the Dino (3"), various height Cacti (2-3") and comes in a swanky box that replicates the classic Chrome error message for the authentic experience.   Pick up a set for $24 direct from the Dead Zebra shop.


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Kennyswork x Instinctoy — Erosion Molly March Lottery


Instinctoy's March Lottery is underway and features the last two editions of the wildly popular—nearing 50k entries— Erosion Molly figures created in collaboration with Kennyswork.  The Premium Silver (9th) and VIP Gold (10th) feature 'aurora' glitter that has a prismatic, rainbow-like effect. This is the last time Molly and Liquid will come together in the full-sized Erosion sculpt.

As with pervious recent editions, the two new Molly Erosions feature moveable eyes and multipart crowns featuring separate liquid creature and crown ball components. These features are a testament to Inctinctoy's renown quality and also a means of deterring would-be bootleggers.

The Erosion Mollys are available via lottery for ¥23,000 yen each (~$206). For a chance to purchase, enter the lottery by adding the items to your cart from the Instinctoy International Online store or the Japan Store if you live in Japan.  The deadline to enter is 7:59 AM PST on Wednesday (3.13).  Winners will receive email notification on March 16th with instructions on completing the sale using Paypal.


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KAWS : Holiday Hong Kong (3.22 - 3.29)


The next stop for the giant, inflated Companion (37m/~121ft)  is Hong Kong. KAWS: Holiday Hong Kong runs from March 22nd through the 29th.  While the previous stops in Korea and Taipei showcased a massive Brown Companion, the HK stop will unveil a gray version in a relaxed, 'floating' prone position.

As with previous Holiday Stops, All Rights Reserved has created a capsule collection of limited-edition merchandise for the event.  The international drop for the Kaws : Holiday Hong Kong collectibles is Thursday, March 21st 2019 at 6 PM PDT via the DDT Store (Ding Dong Takuhaibin).  The collection includes a Limited Bath Toy (above, $150), Limited Floating Bed ($120), Limited Cushion ($100), Limited Tote Bag ($49) and Limited Tees ($49).


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Takashi Murakami x Instinct Toy — Mr. DOB


Takashi Murakami has been slowly exploring vinyl art toys, most notably the ComplexCon exclusives released over the past year three years.  Now it appears that his art toy adventure is about to accelerate with his just announced collaboration with Instinctoy

As he mentions in his IG announcement, Murakami was drawn in by Instinctoy Founder Hiroto Ohkubo's sparkling reputation for creating top quality art toys.  First up is Mr. DOB—no warm ups here--inspired by the artist's large-format sculpture of anthropomorphic version of his signature character.  

As seen in the preview shots of the master sculpt, upcoming Mr. DOB vinyl looks to be an exacting recreation of the original sculpture down to minute details including the intricate eye assembly which appears to involve nine separate parts.

Look for the new Takashi Murakami x Instinctoy Mr.Dob this summer.


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