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Mar 05, 2019

New Hikari Shimoda Sculpture from Apportfolio


Hikari Shimoda and Apportfolio continue their collaborative efforts with brand-new sculpture coming 'soon'. As seen in the teaser shot, the new piece features one of the Japanese artist's signature ethereal child characters.  This debut wood edition showcases her distinctive eye treatment—a window to the character's otherworldly origins.  From this initial image, it looks this piece may be closely tied to her previous Children of This Planet sculpture (2017), also from Apportfolio.


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Kasing Lung x Pop Mart — Forest Concert Labubu Minis


Next up from Pop Mart is the new Forest Concert Labubu Minis from Kasing Lung.  As the title suggests the new series features the artist's characters as woodland musicians. From the available promo photos, Labubu, Zimomo and Tyococo (skull) are featured playing all manners of musical instruments including pianos, tuba, piano, guitars (acoustic and electric), maracas and more.

Interestingly Labubu and Zimomo are quite similar in this series with the distinction appearing to be the fur treatment around the face. While Labubu normally has a more squared off face relative to Zimomo's rounder head, that does not appear to be the case for this new series.

The Forest Concert Labubu series will be available in April, perhaps debuting at Shanghai Toy Show (4.12 - 4.14).  They are available for pre-order from stateside retailers including myplasticheart ($10.99/blind-box).


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Mighty Jaxx Exclusive Kyuubi 8" Dunny by Candie Bolton x Kidrobot (3.9)


The new Kyuubi 8" Dunny from Candie Bolton and Kidrobot brings us an unexpected, 'I can't remember when' surprise. In addition to the standard and KR-exclusive editions, Mighty Jaxx will release its own Exclusive Kyuubi in a dramatic fiery edition.  This third colorway features an orange, yellow and red design complimented by a red,blue,white human-form design on the back.

The Mighty Jaxx Exclusive Kyuubi 8" Dunny will be released on Saturday (3.9) at 6 AM PST from their web shop.  While pricing has yet to be announced, the OG and KR Black editions (3.8) are each $75.


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