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Feb 14, 2019

Kidrobot x Clutter — Kaiju Dunny Battle Series (2.15)


The invasion begins on Friday with the release of the Kaiju Dunny Battle Series (3") from Kidrobot x Clutter.  The newest Dunny series fuses the iconic designer toy platform with fierce and not so fierce Kaiju monsters from Candie Bolton, Chauskoskis, James Groman, Jeff Lamm, John Rampage and Bwana Spoons.

Based on the reveals so far as well as the group case shot, it appears that there are 18 designs—four from Jeff Lamm, three each from Bolton, Groman, Rampage, and Bwana and two from Chauskoskis. The blacked-out dunny (chase/mystery?) in the case shot would seem to be Groman's green Dino-inspired design.

As befits the Dunny platform, the series steers away from scary and focuses instead on curious, cute, and mystical.  While only 5 of the 18 designs appear to be 'stock' Dunnys, this series seems to preserve more of the Dunny DNA than others, partly because many of the custom sculpts preserve the iconic head shape.  That said, Candie Bolton's two Baku Dunnys with the excellent Asian-influenced elephant head are among our favorites from the series.  On the flip side, Groman's designs impress with super tight, printed textures.

Kaiju Dunny Battle Series launches on Friday (2.15) from select retailers and Kidrobot for $11.99/blind box. As of this post, NYC-based myplasticheart has their stock online.  KR will release the new series at 3 PM PST on Kidrobot.com to coincide with the official NYC release party, presented in conjunction with Five Points Festival.


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Nouar x Martian Toys -- Chocolate Mint Mister Self Indulgence (2.15)


While Valentine's Day may have come and gone, Nouar and Martian Toys have another treat lined up to satisfy your  sweet tooth.  The brand-new Chocolate Mint Mister Self Indulgence vinyl celebrates the classic ice cream flavor with the pie character sporting a light mint green shirt and Lil' Scoopy serving up the go-to alternative to  chocolate chip ice cream. 

Limited to 150 pieces, the Chocolate Mint Mister Self Indulgence vinyl art toy drops on Friday (2.15) at 9 AM PST over at Martian Toys.

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Feb 13, 2019

JP Toys x Litor's Work -- Rainbow Umasuo + Boogieboy Exclusives (2.15)


Thailand's JP Toys continues its string of exciting exclusives with several rainbow-hued soft vinyl toys from China's Litor's Work.  First up is Angel Umasou which features a rainbow edition of the angelic variant of the very popular girl+dino figure.  Limited to 50 pieces, Angel Umasou will be available for 2700 baht (~$85) via a form-based lottery on the JP Toys Facebook page on Friday (2.15) at 8:30 PM - 9:30 PM PST.

JP Toys will also release the Devil Umasou + matching rainbow Boogieboy set as part of the same lottery.  The set is limited to 50 sets and will be available for 3600 baht (~$115).


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Coarse — Paw! Apex (2.19)


Paw! is back.  The toy that captured collectors' imaginations and made Coarse a household name in the Art Toy scene,  has returned to terrorize all the other toys in your Detolf.  Looking back, the second coming began with the Instinctoy Tokyo Comic-Con exclusive Paw. At the time, it was unclear if that release was a one-off, a special last hurrah or marked the beginning of the character's return.

Thankfully, the return has at least two acts as Coarse will celebrate the Tenth Anniversary of their signature figure with the brand-new Paw! Apex edition. 

Paw! Apex offers a fun dichotomy—a fierce rabbit-ish creature  presented in the stereotypically cute blue + pink  bunny colors.  As one has come to take for granted, Coarse delivers the goods with a shiny metallic blue (and pink) design punctuated with a rainbow-hued right paw. And of course, the creative packaging is on point, yet again.

Limited to 299 pieces, Paw! Apex will be released on Tuesday (2.19)  at 7:59 AM PST from the Coarse Shop for $290.


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KAWS Companion Blush at KAWSONE (2.14)


The KAWS Companion Blush open-edition vinyl Art Toys are back and slated to drop on Valentine's Day (2.14) at 9 AM PST from KAWSONE.  This is the second KAWSONE drop for  the regular + flayed  Open Editions of the red/pink Companion and follows the initial drop back in June of 2017. Goes without saying, but these will sell out quickly — an alarm or reminder is a must.

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Juce Gace x Mighty Jaxx -- A Wood Awakening Love Edition (2.16)


Mighty Jaxx is set to release their new A Wood Awakening Love edition by Juce Gace as a pre-order this weekend.  The very pink follow-up to the OG vinyl—released in 2017 and set to ship out this month—revisits the artist's clever, if naughty take on a wooden puppet's dream to become a real person.  

The A Wood Awakening Love Edition vinyl toy (10") is set for pre-order this Saturday (2.16) at 6 AM PST from Mighty Jaxx's web shop.

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Playge — Chamfered Sqube Lanyard Beads


Having transitioned Playge from toys to lifestyle over the past few years, Ferg has released some of his signature designs characters as  a series of metal lanyard beads.  Today brings the Chamfered Sqube Lanyard beads.  The .55" beads are crafted in medium-blasted titanium for high-end matte finish, work great at the end of a lanyard, or even interlock for a fun desk toy/display.  They are available now for $56 each (includes USA shipping0  from the Playge shop

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Feb 12, 2019

Tony Riff x Unruly Industries — I See Colours (2.19)


As Unruly Industries has just lifted the lid off their initial collection of new art toys (original and licensed), we're posting  a few that have caught our eye.  On the originals front comes the quirky and visually striking I See Colours from Tony Riff.  The curious  black and white character features streams of color pouring out of his eyes.  This apparent bust style vinyl is set for a pre-order on Tuesday (2.19)

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Psuedo5 x Unruly Industries — Stairway to Hell..0


Unruly Industries from Sideshow Collectibles is launching with an impressively broad collection of art toys, both original and licensed.  On the original front,there's some wild stuff including  Stairway to Hell…O by Pseudo5. The new vinyl is based on the artist's signature clown character. The disembodied clown head is creepy, crazy, and cool.  Look for a pre-order next week (2.19)

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A Trio of Marvel Art Toys On the Way from Tracy Tubera and Unruly Industries


Sideshow Collectibles new art toy brand—Unruly Industries—is going all in with a wide-range of toys from out-of-the-box original designs to stylized interpretations of iconic superheroes including a trio of new Marvel-licensed toys coming from Tracy Tubera.

While there are no photos the figures yet, Unruly has released concept art of Tracy's takes on T'Challa from Best Picture nominee Black Panther, Wade or Mr. Pool to you and Miles from Best Animated Feature nominee Spider-Man: Into the SpiderverseWe can't wait to see more of each these Unruly x Marvel drops.


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Feb 11, 2019

Celebrate the Day After Valentine's with Black Ahwroo by Gary Baseman and 3DRetro (2.15)

AR_black2Valentine's Day is right around the corner as seen by the wave of light pastel pink toys set to drop shortly.  Turing the holiday on its head, Gary Baseman is eschewing "light and pretty" for "dark and vicious" with the new 3DRetro Exclusive Black Ahwroo vinyl.  Though it's definitely not pink, it does have plenty of bright, crimson red to go around.

Pick up the 3DRetro Exclusive Black Ahwroo from 3DRetro.com and their Glendale location on Friday, February 15th.


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'Chelone' 24-hr Timed Edition by James Jean (2.12)


James Jean will release a deluxe Chelone giclee print as a timed edition available for 24 hours starting on Tuesday (2.2) at 8 AM PST for $220 each from his web store. The painting is Jean's interpretation of the eponymous nymph from Greek mythology who was forced to carry around her home as punishment for spurning an invitation to Zeus's wedding. 

Transformed into a tortoise, Chelone is seen bathing herself as water surges past and around. The 20.5 x 18.5"  signed and numbered print features raised texture on the nymph's hair, shell, and the hitchhiking Octopus. For an added touch of dimensionality and flair, details of the water and shell are silkscreened  with diamond dust. Finally, the print is finished with an embossed hermit crab, centered at the bottom.


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Unruly Industries Teases the 'Fish Face' Art Toy by Ian MacDonald


Another day, another intriguing teaser from Unruly Industries. This time around we're treated to a partial reveal of Fish Face by Canadian artist/designer Ian MacDonald who also happens to be Associate Art Director at Uruly's parent company, Sideshow Collectibles.

While many of the initial Unruly toys are interpretations of popular entertainment properties, Fish Face Appears to be an original design.  We like what we see so far, especially the fins and the sculpted-in details.  For now the question is, legs or big tail of some sort?


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Kidrobot x Hello Sanrio Micro Vehicle Series


Kidrobot's collaboration with the charming world of Hello Sanrio rolls on with the new Micro Vehicle Series (1.5") featuring Hello Kitty, Keroppi, My Melody, Gudetama and other beloved Sanrio characters.  Whether it's an egg-toting Gudetama or Hello Kitty's milk truck, each tiny, roving delivery comes in its own matching cotton pouch—a nice touch indeed.  

This fun take on the wondrous world of gourmet food tricks is available now from Kidrobot and select retailers for $9.99/blind bag.  Even more good news?  The ratios of this series are extremely collector friendly with the rarest figure being 2/24 — meaning 2 per display carton of 24 figures.


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Feb 10, 2019

Josh Mayhem x Pobber — Candy Drip Baos (2.12)


Pobber will celebrate Valentine's Day release with the special Candy Drip Bao Custom Edition from Josh Mayhem.  Limited to eight pieces, these 4" customs of Scott Tolleson's Bao vinyl feature Josh's handcrafted Blown Away styling and a pink, purple, and silver color palette.  They will be available for $150 on Tuesday (2.12) at 6 AM PST from the Pobber web shop.

The Candy Drip Baos are Josh Mayhem's first project for his new role as Pobber's first Resident Custom Artist.  Pobber's Resident Custom Artists will regularly customize Pobber figures and those that are extremely well-received will be considered for production runs where technically feasible.


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Jose Pulido x Unruly Industries — A Fresh Take on Harley Quinn


Unruly Industries—the brand-new art toy brand from Sideshow Collectibles—has begun to reveal upcoming toy line with a few juicy teasers.  In the latest sneak, Jose Pulido brings his contemporary sugar-skull style to DC's wicked Harley Quinn.  From what's been revealed so far, the design features a streamlined sugar skull treatment incorporating her jester's hat. With eyes closed, the sexy wild child seems to be caught in a calmer moment, perhaps before things get crazed. We're looking forward to seeing more from Pulido and the rest of the Unruly Industries' lineup.


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Feb 09, 2019

Love at First Sight? Twinkle Star Mythril Horn of Ocean from Freakroom


Next up for Freakroom is the Twinkle Star Mythril Horn of Ocean soft vinyl.  The Valentine's Day-themed piece casts the rather peculiar fish in a whole new light.  The three-eyed denizen of the deep is ready for love with a humorous  new pink + glitter design. While the figure may seem to be of an imaginary beast, it is in fact based on the bizarre appearance of the very real Anglerfish. 

This lovely edition follows the sold-out Crystal Frog edition which dropped last month. Be sure to follow the artist for a Twinkle Star lottery announcement shortly.

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Little Sank (Pink Love) by Sank Toys


From the ocean-inspired universe of Sank Toys comes the latest edition of his Little Sank soft vinyl deep sea diver. A celebration of Valentine's Day, Pink Love is limited to 52 numbered pieces, five of which are available to collectors outside of China.  The new edition is available for $90 plus shipping.  If you're interested, drop a DM to the artist.


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Kasing Lung x Kow Yokoyama x How2work — Labubu Pilot at WonderFestival (2.10)


As WonderFestival Winter 2019 opens today in Japan (2.10), one of the biggest draws is likely to be the lottery for the band-new Labubu Pilot, a collaboration between Maschinen Krieger creator Kow Yokoyama,  Kasing Lung, and How2Work. Yokoyama designed Labubu's outfit based on the classic SAFS mecha pilot uniform.  Limited to just 20 pieces, the new polystone figure brings a new level of sculpted and painted detail to the artist's extremely popular signature character.

These will be available via lottery at 10 AM at booth 4-28-01.   For those not at WF, the bad news is this is a guaranteed sell-out. The plus side?  Hope for future editions.


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A Trio of WonderFestival Exclusive Angel Cats by Miloza Ma


WonderFestival Winter 2019 in Japan (2.10) is upon us and with it a wave of sweet soft vinyl including three new Exclusive Angel Cats from Miloza MaJade, Macaroon and Tiger look great.  The agonizing bit?  Limited to two pieces each via table 4-28.

In addition to the fun, retro styling, Angel Cat also impresses with both standing and sitting poses, something rarely seen.  While the WF Exclusives are likely instant sell-outs, the artist does have three editions of her Mini Angel Cats (~3.5") in stock via her web shop.

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Feb 08, 2019

PIGpek is the Newest POPIKI from Whatshisname x Mighty Jaxx (2.9)


Up until now, Whatshisname's Popiki ballon characters have been dogs. That changes in 2019, the Year of the Pig, with the brand-new PIGpek from Mighty Jaxx.  The cute little oinker brings a new shape, vibe and character to the artist's balloon animal family.  

The 8" PIGpek vinyl will be available for pre-order for $129 (includes worldwide shipping) on Saturday (2.9) at 6 AM PST from Mighty Jaxx.


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Too Natthapong x Unbox Industries — Kingsize Buger Elfie (2.9)


By popular demand, Too Natthapong and Unbox Industries are prepping a brand-new batch of previously sold-out Kingsize Burger Elfie (6"). Collectors love Elfie and  even more so in cheeseburger form.   This time around Unbox is offering the tempting toy treat for $80 as a 24-hr timed pre-order starting on Saturday (2.9) at 7 AM PDT.  All orders received--one per customer--during the pre-order window will be served.  The toys are scheduled to ship out in March.  For those that missed this one the first time around, this may be your best and last shot.


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Martin Ontiveros x TAG — Glampyre Green Goblin Edition


For this week's drop, Toy Art Gallery goes stealth drop with the un-announced Glampyre Green Goblin edition from Martin Ontiveros.  From 70's tokusatsu to comic-books, Glampyre continues his cosplay ride with this new homage to Spidey's flying nemesis. 

The Glampyre Green Goblin (8", $75) is available now from the TAG web shop.


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Jong Hun Ha — Caddo Pre-Order


Jong Hun Ha's next release in his ongoing Hazard (Ha-Lizard) line is the two-headed (and tailed) Caddo.  With an inquistive, playful vibe, Caddo's rockin' kangols, a scribbled-on cast, and a lollipop.  As with all of the artist's releases, the sculpting and numerous details are on point.

The Caddo resin figure (8", 20 pieces) is available for pre-order now for $360 from hifistore.com (outside of Korea) and the HIF Naver Store (within Korea). Please allow 1-2 months for production.


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Feb 07, 2019

HX Studio x QUICCS x Martian Toys -- HX-TEQ (2.8)


Martian Toys will release its HX-TEQ from HX Studio and QUICCS on Friday (2.8) at 9 AM PST from their webshop.   First released in extremely limited preview quantities at the HX Studio/QUICCS show at Clutter Gallery last month, this special edition features HX's weathered/distressed style on the very popular TEQ63 from QUICCS.  The all-over print style deco with the artist's logo is a nice touch.


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