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Feb 12, 2019

Tony Riff x Unruly Industries — I See Colours (2.19)


As Unruly Industries has just lifted the lid off their initial collection of new art toys (original and licensed), we're posting  a few that have caught our eye.  On the originals front comes the quirky and visually striking I See Colours from Tony Riff.  The curious  black and white character features streams of color pouring out of his eyes.  This apparent bust style vinyl is set for a pre-order on Tuesday (2.19)

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Psuedo5 x Unruly Industries — Stairway to Hell..0


Unruly Industries from Sideshow Collectibles is launching with an impressively broad collection of art toys, both original and licensed.  On the original front,there's some wild stuff including  Stairway to Hell…O by Pseudo5. The new vinyl is based on the artist's signature clown character. The disembodied clown head is creepy, crazy, and cool.  Look for a pre-order next week (2.19)

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A Trio of Marvel Art Toys On the Way from Tracy Tubera and Unruly Industries


Sideshow Collectibles new art toy brand—Unruly Industries—is going all in with a wide-range of toys from out-of-the-box original designs to stylized interpretations of iconic superheroes including a trio of new Marvel-licensed toys coming from Tracy Tubera.

While there are no photos the figures yet, Unruly has released concept art of Tracy's takes on T'Challa from Best Picture nominee Black Panther, Wade or Mr. Pool to you and Miles from Best Animated Feature nominee Spider-Man: Into the SpiderverseWe can't wait to see more of each these Unruly x Marvel drops.


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