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Feb 11, 2019

Celebrate the Day After Valentine's with Black Ahwroo by Gary Baseman and 3DRetro (2.15)

AR_black2Valentine's Day is right around the corner as seen by the wave of light pastel pink toys set to drop shortly.  Turing the holiday on its head, Gary Baseman is eschewing "light and pretty" for "dark and vicious" with the new 3DRetro Exclusive Black Ahwroo vinyl.  Though it's definitely not pink, it does have plenty of bright, crimson red to go around.

Pick up the 3DRetro Exclusive Black Ahwroo from 3DRetro.com and their Glendale location on Friday, February 15th.


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'Chelone' 24-hr Timed Edition by James Jean (2.12)


James Jean will release a deluxe Chelone giclee print as a timed edition available for 24 hours starting on Tuesday (2.2) at 8 AM PST for $220 each from his web store. The painting is Jean's interpretation of the eponymous nymph from Greek mythology who was forced to carry around her home as punishment for spurning an invitation to Zeus's wedding. 

Transformed into a tortoise, Chelone is seen bathing herself as water surges past and around. The 20.5 x 18.5"  signed and numbered print features raised texture on the nymph's hair, shell, and the hitchhiking Octopus. For an added touch of dimensionality and flair, details of the water and shell are silkscreened  with diamond dust. Finally, the print is finished with an embossed hermit crab, centered at the bottom.


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Unruly Industries Teases the 'Fish Face' Art Toy by Ian MacDonald


Another day, another intriguing teaser from Unruly Industries. This time around we're treated to a partial reveal of Fish Face by Canadian artist/designer Ian MacDonald who also happens to be Associate Art Director at Uruly's parent company, Sideshow Collectibles.

While many of the initial Unruly toys are interpretations of popular entertainment properties, Fish Face Appears to be an original design.  We like what we see so far, especially the fins and the sculpted-in details.  For now the question is, legs or big tail of some sort?


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Kidrobot x Hello Sanrio Micro Vehicle Series


Kidrobot's collaboration with the charming world of Hello Sanrio rolls on with the new Micro Vehicle Series (1.5") featuring Hello Kitty, Keroppi, My Melody, Gudetama and other beloved Sanrio characters.  Whether it's an egg-toting Gudetama or Hello Kitty's milk truck, each tiny, roving delivery comes in its own matching cotton pouch—a nice touch indeed.  

This fun take on the wondrous world of gourmet food tricks is available now from Kidrobot and select retailers for $9.99/blind bag.  Even more good news?  The ratios of this series are extremely collector friendly with the rarest figure being 2/24 — meaning 2 per display carton of 24 figures.


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