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Feb 09, 2019

Love at First Sight? Twinkle Star Mythril Horn of Ocean from Freakroom


Next up for Freakroom is the Twinkle Star Mythril Horn of Ocean soft vinyl.  The Valentine's Day-themed piece casts the rather peculiar fish in a whole new light.  The three-eyed denizen of the deep is ready for love with a humorous  new pink + glitter design. While the figure may seem to be of an imaginary beast, it is in fact based on the bizarre appearance of the very real Anglerfish. 

This lovely edition follows the sold-out Crystal Frog edition which dropped last month. Be sure to follow the artist for a Twinkle Star lottery announcement shortly.

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Little Sank (Pink Love) by Sank Toys


From the ocean-inspired universe of Sank Toys comes the latest edition of his Little Sank soft vinyl deep sea diver. A celebration of Valentine's Day, Pink Love is limited to 52 numbered pieces, five of which are available to collectors outside of China.  The new edition is available for $90 plus shipping.  If you're interested, drop a DM to the artist.


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Kasing Lung x Kow Yokoyama x How2work — Labubu Pilot at WonderFestival (2.10)


As WonderFestival Winter 2019 opens today in Japan (2.10), one of the biggest draws is likely to be the lottery for the band-new Labubu Pilot, a collaboration between Maschinen Krieger creator Kow Yokoyama,  Kasing Lung, and How2Work. Yokoyama designed Labubu's outfit based on the classic SAFS mecha pilot uniform.  Limited to just 20 pieces, the new polystone figure brings a new level of sculpted and painted detail to the artist's extremely popular signature character.

These will be available via lottery at 10 AM at booth 4-28-01.   For those not at WF, the bad news is this is a guaranteed sell-out. The plus side?  Hope for future editions.


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A Trio of WonderFestival Exclusive Angel Cats by Miloza Ma


WonderFestival Winter 2019 in Japan (2.10) is upon us and with it a wave of sweet soft vinyl including three new Exclusive Angel Cats from Miloza MaJade, Macaroon and Tiger look great.  The agonizing bit?  Limited to two pieces each via table 4-28.

In addition to the fun, retro styling, Angel Cat also impresses with both standing and sitting poses, something rarely seen.  While the WF Exclusives are likely instant sell-outs, the artist does have three editions of her Mini Angel Cats (~3.5") in stock via her web shop.

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