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Feb 08, 2019

PIGpek is the Newest POPIKI from Whatshisname x Mighty Jaxx (2.9)


Up until now, Whatshisname's Popiki ballon characters have been dogs. That changes in 2019, the Year of the Pig, with the brand-new PIGpek from Mighty Jaxx.  The cute little oinker brings a new shape, vibe and character to the artist's balloon animal family.  

The 8" PIGpek vinyl will be available for pre-order for $129 (includes worldwide shipping) on Saturday (2.9) at 6 AM PST from Mighty Jaxx.


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Too Natthapong x Unbox Industries — Kingsize Buger Elfie (2.9)


By popular demand, Too Natthapong and Unbox Industries are prepping a brand-new batch of previously sold-out Kingsize Burger Elfie (6"). Collectors love Elfie and  even more so in cheeseburger form.   This time around Unbox is offering the tempting toy treat for $80 as a 24-hr timed pre-order starting on Saturday (2.9) at 7 AM PDT.  All orders received--one per customer--during the pre-order window will be served.  The toys are scheduled to ship out in March.  For those that missed this one the first time around, this may be your best and last shot.


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Martin Ontiveros x TAG — Glampyre Green Goblin Edition


For this week's drop, Toy Art Gallery goes stealth drop with the un-announced Glampyre Green Goblin edition from Martin Ontiveros.  From 70's tokusatsu to comic-books, Glampyre continues his cosplay ride with this new homage to Spidey's flying nemesis. 

The Glampyre Green Goblin (8", $75) is available now from the TAG web shop.


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Jong Hun Ha — Caddo Pre-Order


Jong Hun Ha's next release in his ongoing Hazard (Ha-Lizard) line is the two-headed (and tailed) Caddo.  With an inquistive, playful vibe, Caddo's rockin' kangols, a scribbled-on cast, and a lollipop.  As with all of the artist's releases, the sculpting and numerous details are on point.

The Caddo resin figure (8", 20 pieces) is available for pre-order now for $360 from hifistore.com (outside of Korea) and the HIF Naver Store (within Korea). Please allow 1-2 months for production.


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