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Feb 05, 2019

Meet Nora by Fanny Kao — She's Off to WonderFestival (2.10)


Fanny Kao will debut her Nora Original edition resin figures at WonderFestival Winter (2.10).  Previously released as unpainted, mixed parts versions back in September for STGGC, Nora looks quite fancy in her fully-painted fashion--even making an irksome protective collar look stylish.  If you're going to the convention (on the outskirts of Tokyo), be sure to drop by booth 4-28-01 to check out Nora and perhaps adopt her into your home.


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Josh Mayhem Is Cooking Up Blown Away Valentine's Bao


What's pink, purple, windswept and the epitome of cute?  The upcoming Blown Away Valentine's Day Bao (our best guess at a name).  As shown in this WIP pic from Pobber, Josh Mayhem is working on brining his signature style to a custom run of Scott Tolleson's Bao vinyl.  We're looking forward to seeing a full reveal of the finished pieces. No release info yet other than 'soon'—figured a little heads up might help with 'toy financing'.

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Seymour x ChokeHazrd — One-Off Warheads Lottery


New Zealand-based artist Peter Kelk (Seymour) has created three striking one-off customs of Chokehazrd's Warhead sofubi.  Starting with a stylized stripes + lines design that compliments the wild rocket toy, he has created three different visions which fuse a few key colors into a seamless, shimmering existence in purple, yellow, or blue hues.

Given the super-limited numbers, Kelk is  releasing his custom Warheads via lottery for $350 each.  To enter, fill out the lottery form on his site before the lottery closes at 6PM PST on Thursday (2.7). These are offered blind bag and include a stamped 'dog tag'. While you may ask for particular color, there's no guarantee you will received.


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Toy Geeks Behind the Counter S3 EP2 with Luke Chueh


Toy Geeks Behind the Counter is back with another thrilling episode for you to geek out to. 'Loose Chueh' (S3 EP2) features guest artist Luke Chueh as well as regular geeks George Gaspar, Ben Goretsky and yours truly.  Luke dropped by to help the crew review toys and for a preview of his Black And White and Then Some solo opening at Rotofugi on March 2nd.  Be sure to watch the brand-new episode on Youtube or below to check out his new paintings and for reviews of the new Tokidoki x Hello Kitty minis, DC Artist Alley figures by Sho Murase and more.

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Yutani Shouten — Transformers Sofubi for WonderFestival Winter 2019 (2.10)


WonderFestival Winter 2019 is almost here (2.10) and with it waves of new toys including a WF specialty: toys created with one-day licenses.  Some of the biggest entertainment properties in Japan allow indie toy makers to create toys based on iconic characters to be sold for just one day—the Sunday that WonderFestival is held.

For this upcoming WF, Yutani Shouten will release two Transformers sofubi—a fully painted Soundwave and a Golden Starscream.  Both will be available, for one day only via license from Tomy, at the Paralyzing Toys booth [8-31-02] at WF Winter (2.10) at Makuhari Messe just outside of Tokyo. The new 1-day releases follow the brand's previous Transformer drops at the WonderFestival Summer 2018 event.


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Superplastic -- My#Janky IG Contest


As part of their epic Janky Kickstarter campaign last year, Superplastic asked collectors, fans, budding artists and more to design their own Janky and post it to Instagram as a fun, interactive Stretch Goal.  Now Superplastic is seeking to rev up everyone's creative juices in 2019 with a fun My #Janky IG contest with the winner receiving an 8" SuperJanky blank that as far as we know is not available for sale.

How do you enter? In a nutshell, design your own Janky using the official template and post it to IG. Ok, so it's just a bit more detailed (only just).  Check out the official entry instructions for all the info. UK artist Czee13 has dreamt up his very own #Janky, can you top it?  It's not yet clear how the winner will be chosen -- random or 'best' entry or ?

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Kidrobot x Andy Warhol — Pop Art Cat Plush


Kidrobot continues its collaboration with the Andy Warhol Foundation with today's release of three new cat plush toys.  The new products are inspired by the 25 Cats Named Sam and One Blue Pussy, a 1954  art volume he and his mother, Julia Warhola, worked on to celebrate their shared love of their cats.  Orange Sam the Cat, One Blue Pussy Cat and Yellow Sam the Cat are available now from Kidrobot.com for $29.99 each.

The range of Kidrobot's Andy Warhol line is quite impressive from the obvious including the various Dunnys  to the unexpected releases including the Polaroid Series, Campbells Soup Can Chess set and the clever Soup Can Mystery Art Figures.  Looking back on the numerous releases, Kidrobot has done a really nice job of bringing Warhol into people's everyday lives in ways both simple and elaborate.


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Love it or Hate it , Kyle Kirwan has a Valentine's Day Bloom For You


Most Valentine's Day releases assume you're down with the holiday and all it entails.  Refreshingly Kyle Kirwan is going equal opportunity with his Valentines' drops with two Baby Blooms inspired by the classic candy hearts with printed messages: Love Stinks and Bite Me.  Love Stinks features a bloom with a mini clothes pin over his nose and a broken heart accessory, while Bite Me brings the slightly naughty with red and blue hearts.

The 3" handmade and hand-painted Valentine's Baby blooms are available for $20 each from the artist's web shop.

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