Wild Sculpture from Buwon x Gunshotlife(2.4.19)


Korean artist Buwon is known for his impeccably executed resin figures of street-style rabbits with lighthearted, mischievous streaks. His upcoming collaboration with tattoo artist/model Noma Han’s Gunshotlife brand brings an unexpected darkness with a bold, dynamic sculpture featuring a terrified rabbit who seems to be melting away. The ‘two sides of a story’ style piece, also features a screaming skeletal figure on the back with medusa-like tentacles and ‘stress’ neatly imprinted on his forehead.  As strong as his previous work has been, Buwon has outdone himself this time with a captivating, compelling limited-edition.

Buwon will release the apparently un-named collaboration (Edition of 10) on Monday (2.4) at 2 AM PST via email with further details to come.  Given the limited run, it might be a good idea to DM the artist ahead of time for additional info.