Jubi – Crab Claw Kun Soft Vinyl

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Jubi has quickly established himself as the master of the claw from his Gigantic Crab Kaiju (Unbox) to the hybrid Scorpion Kaiju (Instinctoy).  Recently, he’s been switching up the mood of his crabs from edgy to softer and cuter as seen in his designs for the Unbox and Friends blind box series.  The trend continues with the brand-new Crab Claw Kun soft vinyl figure.

Debuting in light green, Crab Claw Kun stands 3.15” tall and features articulation in the head, arms, and eyes.  The articulated eyes are a clever feature which allow the crab to take on various expressions.

So when?  If you live in Taiwan, right now.  There’s a special pre-release offer open to Taiwanese collectors for the discounted price of TW$1100. To purchase, fill out the special order form.  It sounds as if Crab Claw Kun will be available in other regions in the future. Fingers/claws crossed.